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By Stephen M. Newman
Founder, and Author of Experiencing Worship
June 15, 2023

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You Can't Have One Without the Other

Why do many "Christians" in our churches today fail to outwardly worship God? Why is it that many appear to care nothing about worshiping God? They seem to have other things on their minds during the worship service. They give the impression they would rather be somewhere else but feel the obligation to stay. This is not a statement of judging those who fail to sing. It is not from years of observation of “yawn-ers” in church. It comes from a genuine desire to help people become worshipers. It stems from years of service where people never seem to catch on to the purpose of worship.

My thoughts prior to this article gave the excuse that people just didn't understand worship. They didn't know what it was and thus didn't know how to do it. This argument carries some weight, but cannot stand alone any longer. People fail to worship God because they do not truly know and love Him. This may come as an odd statement and does not mean to say those who do not worship do not know God. What is does say is, those who love the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength, will become worshipers with little need to be taught.

Worship is the natural outflow of love and honor given to the one who is being loved. We express it all the time to our children, friends, and spouse. We worship those whom we truly love. Little teaching is needed when love is evident. Like any other area of life, some people need more instruction and teaching than others when it comes to understanding the full concept of worship. However, for the most part a mother falls in love with her child even before they meet face to face. Nine months of carrying a child results in a love relationship. The moment the mother and father see the child, the worship begins.

You see, if we are truly in love with the Lord, we will worship Him. Those who come to church each week and sit like emotionless logs have failed to develop a love relationship with the Lord. It's not because they don't understand worship. The desire to worship is born in each of us. It's only through finding what we believe to be of great value that we see worship in practice. Every tribe in the world worships one thing or another. It's not about how or if we will worship, but whom and what we will worship. As worship leaders, you need to help people come to know the Lord in a genuine relationship and the worship will come. They may need a little help in their understanding of what's acceptable and how to worship. What they won't need is the desire to do it. When they embrace the Lord of the universe in a love relationship, when they come to a realization of what He has done for them, when they see who He really is in their lives, they will become true worshipers who desire to praise Him with their lives.

Become a soul winner so that you may help others to become true worshipers. We help others come to know the Lord to develop worshipers who honor God with their entire beings through lives of worship.
Show me a person who loves the Lord and I will show you a true worshiper.

Stephen M. Newman
Founder, and Author of Experiencing Worship
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