The Super Highway To Heaven

By Dave Marsh
October 29, 2010

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A drama about Evangelism

Director's Notes:
Let's face it - telling others about Christ isn't easy but it's what we're called to do. There are ways to evangelize (Sharing our testimony, walking the walk, following the promptings of the Spirit, looking for opportunities to share and care, etc.) and ways we shouldn't. This drama is one of the latter... (In my humble opinion, of course!)

Isabelle: A girl
Dave: A guy

A laptop computer

Somewhere in the house (doesn't matter)
(LIGHTS UP CENTER STAGE where Dave is typing stuff on his laptop.

(Isabelle comes walking in)

Isabelle: Hey, whacha doin?

Dave: Hmmm?

Isabelle: I said, Whacha doin?

Dave: Oh, Iím evangelizing.

Isabelle: What do you mean? Thereís no one here.

Dave: I know. Iím doing it online.

Isabelle: Wait a minute. Youíre evangelizing online?

Dave: Yep. Iíve got to meet my quota and I figured doing it online was the most productive way.

Isabelle: What do you mean youíre quota?

Dave: Well, if we want our church to grow larger then itís important that I meet a daily quota. Jesus said to go out into the highways and byways and I figured that I should concentrate all my efforts on the information super highway. Jesus would be impressed.

Isabelle: Okay, Iím not going to even touch that one. Let me get this straight Ė Your building the church through evangelizing on the web?

Dave: Yep. I mean, look here. I was talking with this person I found in this soap opera chatroom and see, I sent her this cool smiley face and a plus sign. Get it, itís like a cross. That means that they should be happy about Jesus.

Isabelle: And this is your plan?

Dave: Uh, yeah.

Isabelle: Where is the person from?

Dave: Um, I donít know, hold on. (types and waits) Dubuque Iowa.

Isabelle: And how are they going to come to our church to hear about Christ?

Dave: Uh, well. Hmmmm. Well, okay, you have me there. But what about this?

Isabelle: What, this email?

Dave: Yeah, go ahead and read it. Iím going to spam it out to 50,000 people.

Isabelle: "Got Jesus? No, then come to our church. It rocks. Dave"

Dave: Get it? Itís a play on "Got Milk?"

Isabelle: Dave, I donít thinkÖ

Dave: And look at this! Itís my new website! People are going to be falling all over themselves to get into the church when they see this. See that? Itís an animated image of our church.

Isabelle: What are those?

Dave: Those are angels.

Isabelle: Are those bow ties?

Dave: Yeah, classy huh? What do you think about the snow Iíve got coming down?

Isabelle: Are those happy faces?

Dave: See, now youíre getting it. Now, the next thing Iím going to do is send out those emails and then Iím going to post these to newsgroups andÖ (Isabelle is saying "Dave" throughout his speech here until finally)Ö

Isabelle: DAVE!

Dave: What?

Isabelle: Do you have any friends?

Dave: Yeah, of course.

Isabelle: Why donít you start with them? If theyíre your friends, then go tell them.

Dave: (Begins thinking about it as LIGHTS FADE DOWN)


(c) 1999 Dave Marsh

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