God's Will?

By Dave Marsh
November 05, 2010

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Using God's name inappropriately

Director's Notes:
Using God's name 'in vain' is more than merely using it followed by an expletive. As Christians, we can use it inappropriately when we convieniently use Him as an excuse to get out of an uncomfortable situation. Unfortunately, I can remember a few times, in my younger years, when I broke up with a girl because "God didn't want us to date" or "He wants me to be unattached for a while." Was this God's will? No - I just wanted out of the relationship.

Jenny: A girl
Mark: Jenny's boyfriend (for the moment)
Dave: Mark's friend

A couch
A remote
A cassette tape of someone going through channels every couple of seconds (if available)

Mark's livingroom.

(LIGHTS UP CENTER STAGE where Mark and Jenny are sitting on a couch. Mark is casually flipping through TV channels.)

Jenny: Mark? Are you listening to me?

Mark: Hmmm? (not listening to her)

Jenny: Mark? I’m going to leave…

Mark: Hmmm? (still not listening to her)

Jenny: (Tests him) Here I go, Mark. I’m leaving…. and never coming back… Here I go…. MARK!

Mark: What?

Jenny: Would you put that stupid thing down? (takes remote and turns off TV) I’m trying to talk to you!

Mark: I was listening!

Jenny: No you weren’t! All you were doing was flipping through channels like some zombie. Look, you’re drooling and you don’t even know it.

Mark: Hey, come on now…

Jenny: No, you come on! I thought this was our date night?

Mark: It is! You know, dinner and a movie.

Jenny: Dinner?!? You call corndog’s and jello dinner?

Mark: Look, Jenny…

Jenny: If I didn’t know better, I would have thought you’re trying to get rid of me.

Mark: (Mark doesn’t say anything)

Jenny: Oh no. Is that it? Are you trying to break up with me?

Mark: Look, Jenny, I really don’t know how to say this…

Jenny: Just say it.

Mark: I don’t think God wants us to date anymore.

Jenny: Excuse me?

Mark: Yeah, I think God wants me to break up with you.

Jenny: God wants this?

Mark: Yeah.

Jenny: Why does God want us to break up?

Mark: Well, He just wants me to spend more time with Him and stuff.

Jenny: Really?

Mark: Yeah, and He might want me to also date other people too. You know, as a witness for Him.

Jenny: I see. What else is God telling you?

Mark: That we’re just too different.

Jenny: He wants us to break up because we’re different? We’re both Christians, Mark.

Mark: Yeah, but you’re a democrat.

Jenny: What?

Mark: And you’re a little too short.

Jenny: (dumbfounded) Ah, I see. So exactly how is God telling you this?

Mark: You know, He talks to me and through his Word.

Jenny: Through his Word, eh? Well, let’s check it out? What book?

Mark: Er, Deuteronomy I think.

Jenny: Ok, Deuteronomy. What chapter?

Mark: Uh, 10

Jenny: Verse?

Mark: 5?

Jenny: (Reads the verse. It has nothing to do with anything. You can actually pick any Old Testiment verse here.)

Mark: Hmmm. Maybe Exodus?

Jenny: Exodus, yeah. Well, speaking of Exodus, I’m OUTTA here! (she storms off and bumps into Dave as he enters. She growls at him.)

Dave: Hey. (Note: all the dialogue here to the end is very deadpan...)

Mark: Hey.

Dave: Break up with her?

Mark: Yeah.

Dave: God’s will?

Mark: Yeah.

Dave: Yeah. I had to do the same with Sandy… and Tina…. and Jackie.

Mark: God’s will?

Dave: Yeah. (long pause) So, what’s on TV?

Mark: Dunno. (Starts flipping through channels as lights fade).



(c) 1999 Dave Marsh

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