Box O'Jesus

By Dave Marsh
November 24, 2010

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A drama about walking the walk

Director's Notes:
As I mentioned earlier, you can alter many of my existing dramas to work with a new subject. With that in mind, I decided to alter 'The Attic' to focus on why how people know that we are Christians. When you hear the old song 'They will know we are Christians by our love...' what does that mean to you? How do we show others that we are Christians? Although no one has a literal 'Box O' Jesus' where they keep evidence of their faith, many people show their relationship with God based on stuff ather than how they live...

John: A man who wants to be taken seriously as a Christian
Katie: John's wife

A number of cardboard boxes (One with Box O' Jesus written on it)
A cap with a Christian slogan on it
A Sunday School pin
A scarf

The family's attic
(LIGHTS UP CENTER STAGE where John is rummaging through a box.)

Katie: John? John? Where are you?

John: Iím up here, honey.

Katie: In the attic?

John: Yeah.

Katie: (comes in) What are you doing up here? Itís so hot! Donít tell me youíre getting the Christmas stuff down already!

John: Hmm? Oh, no, no. It's only the middle of August... I still have a couple of weeks for that.

Katie: Well, what are you looking for?

John: My Box O' Jesus.

Katie: Box O' Jesus?

John: Yeah. You know, my Box of J E S U SÖ.(pronounces it slowly)

Katie: I know what you said. I just donít know why you said it. What in the world is a Box O' Jesus?

John: Youíre kidding right? Do you mean to tell me that you donít own a box O' Jesus?

Katie: Uh, no.

John: Wow. Well, for you unfortunate souls, it's where I keep my Jesus stuff.

Katie: (sarcastically) Oh, now itís so clear to me.

John: Good. (buries his head back in the box)

Katie: John. I am your wife. Tell me right now whatís in thatÖ

John: AHA! Hereís the first piece. (takes out a baseball cap and quickly puts it on his head) What do you think?

Katie: What do I think about what?

John: Hmmm, see? It's my "What Would Jesus Do" hat. Remember when I got this? I had this on when I was in Minneapolis 7 years ago when the Pope visited. (Holds it up high) This hat got run over by the Pope mobile... Itís sacred. This will show him!

Katie: Show who?

John: Nick at work. I overheard him telling Jim Wells that he didn't think I was much of a Christian.

Katie: Really.

John: Yeah, this hat will show him that I believe in God and I'm proud of it!

Katie: John, I'm not so sure...

John: (interupts her) That it's enough? You're right! I've got more stuff in here.

Katie: I canít wait.

John: AHA! (takes out a pin and pins it on)

Katie: What is that?

John: This? This is my Sunday School attendance pin.

Katie: (Dumbfounded) What?

John: Yeah, you see, when I was a kid, you got this pin see? And every year that you had perfect attendance you got a bar added to the bottom of it - kinda like a general but, er, more like a church general.

Katie: Church general?

John: Yeah. This will show Nick how serious I am about God. This will prove that I'm a follower of Jesus all the way baby!

Katie: John, I think...

John: It's still not enough? You're right! (starts going into the box again)

Katie: John? John? JOHN?! (pulls him out!)

John: What?

Katie: Did it ever occur to you that none of stuff this matters?

John: What do you mean?

Katie: I mean that other people will know you are a Christian by how you act, what you say, how you treat them, and how kind and compassionate you are. And when you get the opportunity, by what you tell them about Jesus and what's He's done in your life.

John: (long pause) Yeah, sure. Now, whereís the rest of that stuff? (goes back to the box)

Katie: Argh! (storms off stage)

John: AHA! Honey? Honey! Here it is! (he throws it around his neck as he shouts after her) The Scarf of Turan!!!



(c) 2001 Dave Marsh

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