The Greatest Show on Earth

By Dave Marsh
December 20, 2010

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A drama about Priority, Christmas, Friendship with God.

Director's Notes:
Why is it that the idea of meeting or knowing a celebrity (actor, musician, writer, etc.) something that we as people find so compelling? While they may have talents or money that we may not possess, they are still just like us, human beings. If I were to tell you that Tom Cruise or Julia Roberts were going to come visit you for a month, declare their undying friendship to you, shower you with gifts and always love you, chances are you might just faint or die of a heart attack, overcome by joy. 

Have we forgotten that God, - the maker of the universe, the most powerful, omniscient being, who became a man in the form of Jesus Christ, died for our sins so we might have joy everlasting in this world and in the next lives inside of us, cares for our needs and is  head-over-heels, fanatically, passionately in love with us?

How can we take that for granted? I mean, what greater celebrity is there and what greater friend can we have? How is it that we are not overcome daily, moment by moment, by the realization that we have the greatest friendship that a man or woman can ever have. A friendship that is closer than one we could ever have with a brother, a spouse, or anyone on this planet. A friendship with the God of the Universe.

This hero-worship thing has been on my heart lately and as Ray starts a new series on the Hope of Christmas, I felt it appropriate by starting out with a drama reminding us of how great God is and what a goofy thing it is when we put others stature above His...

John: An Andy Williams fan
Barb: John's wife

A newspaper
A CD or tape with "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" by Andy Williams on it.
A couple of chairs or a couch
A remote

Family room (LIGHTS UP CENTER STAGE where John (in pajamas) is listening to a CD (Andy Williams “Most Wonderful Time of the Year.)

Barb:  (walking in, taking off her coat) John? JOHN!

John:  (Talking over the CD) Oh, hi honey! 

Barb: John, what in the world…would you TURN THAT THING OFF?

John: (Turns it off with remote) Sorry.

Barb:  What are you doing here? It’s 2 in the afternoon! Shouldn’t you be at work?

John: Oh yeah…. Work.

Barb:   You’re still in your pajamas!

John:   Wow. Heh. I guess I got caught up in the news.

Barb:   News? What news?

John:   What news?!?! Haven’t you heard? He’s coming to town!

Barb:  What? Who’s coming to town?

John:   You’re kidding, right? Here, I’ll give you a hint (Hits the remote and Andy Williams starts singing again.)

Barb:   Andy Williams is coming to town?

John:    (turns it off) That’s right! Look at this! I found it in this morning’s paper!

Barb: (starts reading) Saturday December 3rd, Andy Williams comes to Charlottesville for one magical evening!

John:    Keep reading!

Barb:    Experience Andy Williams as he shares his love of the holidays with you and your family.

John: Go on!

Barb:    Let one of the greatest singers of all time bring you his special gift that you will remember for a lifetime.

John:    Whoo-doggy! Doesn’t that give you goosebumps?

Barb:    I’m not sure what it gives me.

John:  (getting all excited) We’ve got to start getting ready! This place is a mess!

Barb:  What are you talking about?

John:    What am I talking about? Today is December 3rd!

Barb:   Yeah?

John:  Well, you read it yourself. Andy Williams is coming over!

Barb:  What? He’s not coming over here!

John:  Oh yes he is! Read it again.

Barb:  (rolling her eyes) Saturday December 3rd, Andy Williams comes to Charlottesville for one magical evening.

John:   AHA! See? He’s coming over! I can’t wait to meet him! Imagine, one of the greatest crooners in history is coming over to my house!

Barb:  What makes you think he’s coming over here?

John: Because he loves me of course!

Barb:  What?!

John:  Read that second part again.

Barb:    (resigned) Experience Andy Williams as he shares his love of the holidays with you and your family.

John:   See! He going to share his love with us! Isn’t that great!?

Barb: Have you lost your mind, John.

John: Of course not, Barb! And you know what’s even better?

Barb: I have no idea.

John: He’s going to bring us presents! I mean who needs Santa!?

Barb:  Presents?

John: Yeah! Read that last part again!

Barb:  Let one of the greatest singers of all time bring you his special gift that…

John: See? He’s going to bring us gifts and presents! How can we be so lucky, Barb? I mean, who would have ever thought that I would get a chance to have Andy Williams over at my house and that he loves me so much that he’s bringing me presents? I mean… It IS the most wonderful time of the year! (Hits the remote and the music starts playing again – very loudly)

Barb:  (Looks off into the audience. Puts on her coat and leaves, shaking her head)



(c) 2000 Dave Marsh

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