It's a God Thing

By Dave Marsh
June 21, 2011

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A drama about Christian adventure.

Director's Notes:

When people talk about a difficult adventure or journey they went on, I usually think about hiking on some mountain or across the country. God, however, sends us on difficult journeys every day. These journeys start when we seek God's direction for our lives through prayer and study. He will often then take us out of our comfort zone and onto an adventure that we normally wouldn't take. In the end, of course, we grow as Christians and our faith is strengthened as we see Him prove his faithfulness.

Dave: A Christian heading out on an adventure
Teri: Dave's well-grounded wife

A phone
A newspaper
A couple of chairs or a couch
Hiking stuff (stick, backpack, canteen, hat, atlas, etc.)

Family Room
where Teri is talking on the phone...)

Teri:   Yeah, yeah. Can you believe it? Psalm 119! I mean, who could possibly memorize Psalm 119. So, I told her she was nuts and sure enough, she starts rattling it off and…

Dave:  (enters in the middle of her conversation, with hiking/survival gear on…)

Teri: …and… (looking at Dave strangely)… hey Barb, I’ve got to go. Dave is about to do something stupid. Yeah. Again. Ok. Bye. (hangs up) Should I guess?

Dave: I’m goin’ on an adventure.

Teri:  I can see that.

Dave:  Yep. Gotta go. The wild blue yonder is calling me. Gotta hit the trail. Gotta go walkabout.

Teri:    Is that an Australian accent? 

Dave:  Well, you know, gonna have to sound like the natives, you know?

Teri:    No. I don’t know. I have no idea.

Dave:  Well, that’s ok. You see, it’s a God thing.

Teri:  A God thing?

Dave:  Yeah, God is calling me on a difficult journey. He’s calling me out there… (points dramatically)

Teri:   And you’re going like that?

Dave:    Oh yeah. I mean, I have to be prepared. I have everything I need to take on this adventure. Wanna see what I’ve got?

Teri:  (sarcastic) Oh please. I can hardly wait.

Dave:  Well, right here I’ve got the basic hiking stuff.

Teri:  So, you need hiking stuff for this adventure that God has you on?

Dave:    Of course. What kind of adventure would it be if there was no hiking.

Teri:    Silly me. 

Dave:    Anyway. I’ve got the hiking stick. Good solid piece of God’s tree and all. And look at this. Got the hat on. Gotta have a hat. And of course, I’ve got the canteen filled to the brim with all the nutrients and vitamins that I need.

Teri:    Water doesn’t have vitamins.

Dave:    What do you mean, water? This is Mountain Dew. You have to have Mountain Dew to go on an adventure.

Teri:  Of course.

Dave:    Anyway, in case I need food… 

Teri:  Which, of course, you’ll club with your stick. (sarcastic)

Dave:    (glares at her)…in case I need food, I’ll need something to fetch it. (opens his back pack) Say ‘Hi’ to mommy, Tiger.

Teri:    You’re bringing the poodle?

Dave:    Man’s best friend, you know. Need him for foraging and stuff.

Teri:  Whatever.

Dave:    Finally, I got this. My atlas. Very important.

Teri:    (she takes it) Sure. I see. We all need a map of Indonesia. Very important.

Dave:    Hey, you’ve got to have a map. Anyway, I told you you wouldn’t understand. It’s a God thing. 

Teri:    (sighs) Dave. Let me tell you something. Believe it or not, I go on a journey with God everyday.

Dave:   Surely you jest.

Teri:    Hey. I listened to you…. Like I said, I go on a journey with God everyday. There are things that He tells me that He wants me to do that are outside my comfort zone. Things that take faith. And do you know how He tells me? He tells me through prayer and through reading his Word. I mean, what better map is there? Dave? Dave, did you hear me?

Dave:      (looking off in the distance) Getting’ dark. Not much daylight left before I make camp. Gotta go, honey. (kisses her on her check) (Dave leaves, head high)

Teri:   Don’t forget to write. 

Teri:    (pause, watches him go. Turns to audience) Sorry Ladies. He’s taken.



(c) 2001 Dave Marsh

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