If You Build It...

By Dave Marsh
November 29, 2010

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A drama about building God's house - our lives

Director's Notes:
I was recently asked by a good brother in Montana to write a drama that took a concept from the book of Haggai that our own lives and bodies are God's house and what are we doing to build it? After a couple of emails, we decided that I should take a drama that I had already written (If you build it...) and alter it to fit his needs.

This is a good example of things that you can do with the dramas on this site. Look for similar themes and change around the situation a bit to suit your needs. If you're having trouble doing that, that's okay. Fire me off an email and I'll see what I can do. :0)


Claire: Works at the church

Johnny: An architect

Nancy: Another architect

Some blueprints (or rolled up paper)
A couple of business cards
A portable phone
A door frame

A living room

(LIGHTS UP CENTER STAGE where Claire is talking on the phone.)
Claire: Öand then I went into the family room to watch my soap. Yeah, right. Oh he left the show. Yeah, they replaced him with his evil twin. Right. So anyway, I hadnít heard from Janine for about 15 minutes and thatís dangerous for a two year old. So I called for her and heard her in my bathroom. Yeah, tell me about it. I rushed up there but it was too late. Lipstick. Head to toe. Did I what? I couldnít! I was laughing too hard. (knock on the door) Look, thereís someone at the door. I gotta go. Okay, bye. (Opens door)

Claire: Can I help you?

Johnny: No, the question is, can I help YOU? Johnny O, architect. (Hands her business card)

Claire: (reading card) "If you build it, they will come?"

Johnny: Nice slogan, eh?

Claire: Sure. Um, Iím not sure what I can do for yÖ

Johnny: Do you know a Jean Smith?

Claire: Well, yes, sheís in my small group.

Johnny: And did you not mention to the same Miss Smith that you were working on building Godís house?

Claire: Um. Well, yeah I didÖ but you donít understandÖ

Johnny: I understand perfectly. Thatís why Iím here. Iím the architect you need to build Godís house.

Claire: Wait a minute. I donít need an architectÖ

Johnny: You donít need an architect? Why, poor woman, of course you do. (Dumps all the blueprints on her).

Claire: What are these?

Johnny: Blueprints of course. Every church I build has to start out with blueprints. Weíll use these to lay the foundation for the church, the cornerstone, if you will. Heh heh. Christian humor.

Claire: Blueprints? But you donít understand. Iím not building what you think I am.

Johnny: Hmm. Well, yes, thatís all very interesting but you see, these are blueprints. (starts talking to her like sheís a child) We need these to build the church. B-l-u-e-p-r-i-n-t-s.

Claire: I know what these are.

Johnny: Okay, well, letís find out some other things. (pulls out his tape recorder). August ?, 2000. Iím at the home of a Mrs. Jones.

Claire: Johnson.

Johnny: Sure, whatever. (turns it off) Letís start off simple. What kind of church is this going to be?

Claire: Look. You donít seem to understand, itís not a church Iím building!

Johnny: Ah, I see. Youíre one of those fancy new contemporary churches. Okay, what do you call it? A worship center? A community cathedral? A multipurpose celebration tent? What?

Claire: No, it has nothing to do with what I call it.

Johnny: And what architectural style will it be? Victorian, post Modern, Art Deco, what?

Claire: Itís not any style! And itís not a church! Would you listen to me please?!!!

Johnny: (starts recorder) Woman is extremely agitated by simple questionsÖ(talks to her) Yes?

Claire: Look, Iím not building a church. Iím building Godís house.

Johnny: And the difference is?

Claire: Iím building up who I am. Iím turning my body and my life into Godís house. His spirit lives in me and I need to do the things that please Him and build my relationship with Him.

Johnny: Your body and life are Godís house, eh?

Claire: Exactly.

Johnny: (speaks into recorder) Woman is delusional. Recommend good councilor. (talks to her) Are you sure about that?

Claire: Oh yes, quite sure.

Johnny: I see, well, Mrs. Jones, Iím afraid that I must be going. I donít think that you completely understand what it takes to build a Godís house. Goodbye (grabs blueprints and walks out)

Claire: (dumb founded ) Well, that was interesting. (Nancy (with blueprints) in hand passes Johnny on the way up) (Claire starts to close the door and sees Nancy walk up)

Claire: Can I help you?

Nancy: No, the question is, can I help YOU? Nancy B., architect. (hands her card)

Claire: (rolls eyes) Oh no, here we go againÖ



(c) 2000 Dave Marsh

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