God is God

By Terri Pettyjohn
Writer and Author, Contributing Writer, EXW
October 12, 2022

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2 Samuel 22:32 “For who is God besides the Lord? And who is the Rock except our God?”

Do you feel like David is saying in teenager lingo, “Duh?” Let’s quit fretting about answering the simple questions like, “Who is God?” “What is life all about?” “How did the world get here?” God is God and there is no more need for in-depth theological thought and research. God is who He is because He can’t be anything else but. He created the heavens, and everything that is in it reflects splendor and holiness abides. He fashioned the earth and all that is in it to bring glory and honor to His name. He didn’t stop with a universe that echoes His name, he decided to create man….not that He hasn’t regretted that decision a time or two throughout the course of history. He made us to worship Him because we want to. He wants us to talk to Him as a father because we desire to. He has a world that cries to break out in praise to Him, but He waits for us to do it because it is in our hearts and overflows through our mouths and actions.

Terri Pettyjohn
Writer and Author, Contributing Writer, EXW
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