John Pape

John Pape Jr. is an author, musician and songwriter living in Southern California near San Diego. He has written a book for worship leaders titled "Building a House of Worship and is available at John also has a CD that featuring original praise and worship music for use in the church services

John is an active member of Horizon Christian Fellowship where he leads worship for a weekly Bible study. He is married to Nancy and is the father to Gavin and Sarah.

John has been involved in music most of his life from early experiences in elementary school. Formerly with the group Escape. He is a board member of the San Diego Songwriter's Guild. He is also members of the following organizations the American Society of Composers, Artist, Performers (ASCAP), Gospel Music Association (GMA) and National Association of Christian Artist and Songwriters (NACAS).

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4 Major Steps
Category: Worship Leaders
Date: 2023-10-03

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Family Ministry & Outreach Director IL Non-Denominational
Student Discipleship Pastor TX Christian Church
Gold Star Listing Pastor MI Non-Denominational
Gold Star Listing Music Leader / Director CO Other
Youth Pastor CA Non-Denominational
Pastor of Families MO
Student Ministry Pastor PA

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