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Can You Hear It?
Not many of us get exposure a large palette of microphones, to compare apples to apples. How would you like a chance to do that in a real-world environment...a church? This month I am doing exactly that. May 13th-17t....more
Brent Handy 2024-06-06 Sound Advice
Tips and Tricks
Q: Our mixer provides simultaneous mixes for the house and monitors. When we need to use the EQ to eliminate feedback in our monitors, it effects the house. How can we use the EQ just on a monitor send, or the house mix....more
Brent Handy 2023-10-05 Sound Advice
Tips and Tricks
Q: Our system has radio noise coming through the PA. How do we stop it from happening? A: Here is what I would do. Solo each channel's input, aux sends, subgroups, matrices, masters, etc. to try to isolate where i....more
Brent Handy 2023-09-12 Sound Advice
Divine Bass!
While touring, I am constantly looking and listening for the best products to use in church sound systems. Many contractors offer "Install" products. But frankly, many of them are sub par in my opinion. There are a few g....more
Brent Handy 2023-05-10 Sound Advice
Riding the Lightning
We have entered the "storm season" here in the bible-belt. With storms come the most unpredictable, and second most deadly force, lightning. Lightning is not the only concern. Equipment in your facility can malfunction....more
Brent Handy 2023-01-10 Sound Advice
Sennheiser Mic Review
Mics Reviewed: Sennheiser e 903 dynamic handheld vocal/instrument microphone Sennheiser e 604 dynamic drum/percussion microphones with Easy Clamps Sennheiser e 602 dynamic kick drum/bass microphone Sen....more
Brent Handy 2022-11-09 Sound Advice
Hearing Test
There is a movement in the audio industry. Artists and engineers are taking a look at the cold hard Sound Pressure Level (SPL) facts. Most commercial events have loudness levels and exposure times exceeding OSHA's limi....more
Brent Handy 2022-05-31 Sound Advice
Ready, Willing and Able
As most of you know, there is a shortage of capable volunteers for the audio engineer position. I am sure that I am not the only one that had these problems. Right? Maybe this story will inspire you to find a way to staf....more
Brent Handy 2022-05-11 Sound Advice
Mic Evaluations in Church Productions
Stop! Don't read any further until you have read my two previous articles. One article talks about the mic test and what it is about. The next article is a list of microphones to be tested. This will save me from ....more
Brent Handy 2013-07-24 Sound Advice
Mic Reviews
Introduction: There were 31 microphones submitted for review. Additional manufacturers were willing to submit product. It was determined that any more microphones would prohibit proper, thorough, evaluation. T....more
Brent Handy 2011-10-03 Sound Advice
Preserving Tapes
Audio recording is an essential part of most ministry's outreach. It is also a means for documenting business meetings and sermons. Most churches that record sermons have used cassette tape recorders for decades. Casset....more
Brent Handy 2011-07-22 Sound Advice
Are You Ready for June 12, 2010?
My last article about analog wireless was a bit "gloom and doom". My mistrust of the FCC, special interest groups and our politicians grew as I watched the "game" play out over the last five plus years. In my mind, wir....more
Brent Handy 2010-09-13 Sound Advice
RIP Wireless Microphone Systems?
It is so nice to know that our wonderful government is always concerned for us. They want us to enjoy better TV picture quality. By the time it's all said and done, we all will have new TVs or adapters out of necessity....more
Brent Handy 2009-11-10 Sound Advice
Wireless News!
As a follow up to my last article. This should make you feel better. The government can listen and react. However, we have yet to see where the politicizing will take us. There are now three Bills, from t....more
Brent Handy 2009-04-06 Sound Advice
Audix D Elite Drum Package
Electronic drums, like Roland's V-Drums, have filled a niche in the church/ ministry band market for a few years now. They provide some diverse, arguably great, quality sounds, without generating allot of racket on stag....more
Brent Handy 2004-10-23 Sound Advice
Brent Handy
Brent Handy 2003-02-10 Sound Advice
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