Does Better Music Grow a Bigger Church?

By EXW Staff
June 07, 2023

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by Don Chapman

One of the best articles I have read in years comes to us from Don Chapman. Truly insightful!

I used to think that really good music grows a church. Get the hottest band and singers in town and the people will come.

I don't think that anymore.

Now that I'm free from the weekly grind of the music director's life I've been able to visit a lot of churches. I've been to huge megachurches with thousands of people and so-so, bland music. I've been to tiny, struggling churches with superb, cutting edge-music.

Recently in LA I was at a faaaamous church that had one of the worst, off pitch background praise singers ever. Another LA megachurch had the most horrible worship flow of any church I've ever attended. Sing a song. Stop cold. Sing another, random song. Stop cold. Sing another. What??

I've also been to huge churches with great blended music and huge churches with superb, cutting edge music.

Great music, huge churches. Lousy music, huge churches.

Small churches, great music. Small churches, lousy music.

Great music sure won't hurt a church, but my worship algorithms are telling me that it ISN'T the music that's primarily growing churches. It's the PREACHING. Gasp.

To read more click the link below.

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Does Better Music Grow a Bigger Church?

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