Da Friends

By Dave Marsh
July 25, 2011

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A drama about friendships

Director's Notes:
Remember the Saturday Night Live skits that featured the guys that sat around talking about Ditka and "Da Bears?" Well this is a fun, light drama about 2 buddies who are having "extreme fellowship." :)

BTW, you'll have to update the players on the teams...

John: A guy
Dave: John's buddy
Peggy: Dave's wife

A remote
A couple of chairs

Family Room

(Lights up center stage where Dave and John are watching football)

John: You know this game is gonna be a slaughter. I mean Washington is 1 and 5. (blah blah blah.)

Dave: You know who the best team is in football right?

John: Oh yeah.

Dave: Da Bears.

John: Argument ensues because John agrees the Bears are okay but likes the Eagles but they are 3-2 and the Bears are 1-4. Lots of conversation about the '85 Bears (give it up already would ya!) Jim Miller, McNair, soft schedules, etc.

Peggy: (enters – takes off coat) Hi, honey, I’m home. Hello? Dave? DAVE?!

Dave: Hmmm? Oh, hi honey.

Peggy: Are you to arguing about sports again?

Dave: (looks at John) Who’s arguing? Are we arguing?

John: No. This is fellowship.

Peggy: Whatever. All I ever hear is you two yapping away about football? (starts leaving for the other room.) Can’t you guys talk about something other than football?

Dave: Sure.

John: What else is on?

Dave: This is good. Women’s tennis.

John: Yeah. I think women’s tennis is more fun to watch than men’s tennis.

Dave: I agree. I’m getting sick of the number of ace’s they rack up. No volley baby.

John: Exactly. Did you see that Jennifer Capriati is number one now?

Dave: Really? Took over Hingis eh? I’m surprised that Venus Williams isn’t number 1.

John: Williams? Don’t get me wrong, she’s good but she’s no Capriati.

Dave: What do you mean? She has done much better than Capriati over the last 6 months?

John: Are you crazy? Capriati has won 2, count em, 2 grand slams this year. Williams has only won 1. End of discussion.

Dave: Hey, I said the last 6 months! Get your ears cleaned out already.

Peggy: (reenters) Hey! Are you guys arguing about football again?

Dave: No! We’re arguing about women’s tennis. And we’re not arguing. We’re uh…

John: Fellowshiping.

Dave: Yeah. That too.

Peggy: Tennis. Football, whatever. Sports. I swear, that’s all you guys ever talk about. Who scored the most this, who has the worst average, who is the best quarterback…

Dave: Montana.

John: Unitis!

Peggy: Whatever? Is that all your friendship is based on? Can’t you talk about anything other than sports?

Dave: Sure.

John: Yeah.

Peggy: Okay. Go ahead.

Dave: (long silence) Da Bears.

Peggy: ARGH! (goes storming off the stage.)

John: (they watch her go) What’s wrong with her?

Dave: I don’t know. (switches channels) Ah, pro bowling.

John: Cool!

Both: Da Bowling!


© 2002 Dave Marsh

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