The Johnson Account

By Dave Marsh
June 30, 2011

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A drama about the Holy Spirit.

Director's Notes:
You know what's so great about the Holy Spirit? He works so wonderfully in the life of the believer. He prompts, leads, comforts, and convicts (just to name a few!) If we are quiet enough, we can hear the Spirit speak to our spirit. I can't imagine what life would be like without His presence!

It's a shame that people that don't know Him can't hear Him. Well, except in this drama, of course :)

Jeff: A businessman.
April: A businesswoman.

CD or Tape with 4 sound effects on it: (I will upload these sounds soon...)
1) Spring sounds (birds, stream, etc. - about 10 seconds worth)††††††††
2) Turn signal (as in Car - about 10 seconds worth)†
3) Fire Alarm (about 10 seconds worth)
4) Door bell (about 3 ding/dong sets)

An office.

(LIGHTS UP CENTER STAGE where April is talking on the phone. Lap top open.)

April:† Jeff? Jeff? JEFF!? Slow down, would ya? What? Look, what? Just come in my office, ok? Ok. (hangs up)

Jeff: (Jeff enters, all flustered) April. Youíre not going to believe this! Itís not my fault. Itís not my fault!

April:† Jeff. Take a deep breath, ok? (He starts to talk and she holds up her finger) Deep breath, Jeff. (He takes a deep breath) Good. Now, whatís not your fault?

Jeff: Youíre not going to believe it.

April:† Let me decide that. What is it?

Jeff: The Johnson account. I lost it. It's gone. He called me up and told me that he didnít "knowus anymore" - that he was going to work with Branaugh. Branaugh of all people!

April:† Take it easy, now Jeff. Letís talk ab...

Jeff: Take it easy? Take it easy?! Theyíre going to fire me! I mean, I just lost the Johnson account! Itís our firms second biggest account (start track 1 Ė birds chirping/stream as April starts having a peaceful look on her face) and he walked! Whatís going to happen now?† Weíre... (he notices the peaceful sound effects). Hey, do you hear something?

April:† Oh that? Thatís the Holy Spirit.†

Jeff: Wha? Holy Spirit? What are you talking about?

April:† Well, during times of trouble, when I find that Iím really stressed out, the Holy Spirit gives me peace. Thatís what Heís doing now.

Jeff: The Holy Spirit, eh?(looks at her strangely)

April:† Yep.

Jeff: And He gives you peace, huh?

April:† Thatís right.

Jeff: Um... ok.... look, I gotta go make a call. Ok? (slinks out)

April:† Ok. (goes back to work and talks to self) Looks like today got real interesting, real quick.

Jeff: (comes walking briskly back in) April?

April:† Yeah?

Jeff: Um.... (pause) (starts breaking down and yelling) What are we going to do?! Iím doomed! What am I going to tell Karl? I mean, maybe you didnít hear me! I LOST THE JOHNSON ACCOUNT! (start track 2- turn signal) What am I going to do? Where will I.... (he notices the sound effect and he looks around, now calmer) April?

April:† Yes?

Jeff: Do you hear that?

April:† Yep.

Jeff: Sounds like a turn signal.

April:† Yeah. Thatís the Holy Spirit again. (Jeff just stares at her, uncomprehending) Well, you see, Heís a guide. He gives me direction in my life. You want to know what to do? Just ask Him for guidance.

Jeff: (long pause) Right. Okay. Well, gotta go. (walks out, looking back over his shoulder at her as he goes)

April:† (shrugs her shoulders and goes back to work.)†

Jeff: (a couple of seconds later, Jeff comes running in) Iíve got it! Iíve got it!

April:† What? What have you got?

Jeff: The answer to my problem! Why didnít I think of this before? I just wonít tell Karl anything! Iíll pretend it never happened. Better yet, Iíll tell him that I cancelled the Johnson account! Iíll say that he cheated us out of (start track 3 Ė Fire alarm) Wha? Whatís that? Is that the fire alarm? Come on! Weíve got to get out of here!!!

April:†† (shouting over the alarm) No, No, No. Thatís the Holy Spirit again. He warns us of things that are wrong in our lives. He lets us know loud and clear when weíre being disobedient.

Jeff: (looks up) Okay! Okay! I get the idea! (goes stomping off the stage)

April:† (just looks in his direction and shakes her head. Goes back to work)

(start track 4 Ė doorbell sound) (Jeff comes running in!)

Jeff: Whatís that? What is the Holy Spirit saying? Does He want me to open up to Karl? Does He want me to go door to door and apologize? WHAT DOES HE WANT? WHAT IS HE SAYING?

April:†† Um. Nothing. Thatís the doorbell. The pizza guy is here.

Jeff:†† Oh. (pause and looks at audience) heh.



Alternate Ending....

April:†† Um. Nothing. Thatís the doorbell. The pizza guy is here.

Jeff:†† The pizza guy?

April:†† Yeah. You know, he delivers pizza. (says 'pizza' slowly as if talking to a child)†

April:†† (April puts her arm around his shoulders (as if to support him a bit) as they walk off.† Jeff looks around kinda dazed) You know, Jeff, you really need to relax more. You're too high strung. Let's talk about it. Etc.



(c) 2000 Dave Marsh

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