The Attic

By Dave Marsh
July 14, 2011

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A drama about Prayer.

Director's Notes:
Some of my dramas feature characters that are a bit over the top. In fact, they carry a particular subject to the extreme. The Attic is one of those dramas - no one really has a box of 'miracle stuff' but it's these extremes that provide an awesome contrast to the real answer: If we want miracles to happen, we need to pray. James 5:16 tells us the the 'effective prayer of a righteous man accomplishes much.' Indeed.

John: Needs a miracle
Katie: John's wife

A number of cardboard boxes
A baseball cap
A bag of sticks
A scarf

The family's attic
(LIGHTS UP CENTER STAGE where John is rummaging through a box.)

Katie: John? John? Where are you?

John: Iím up here, honey.†

Katie: In the attic?

John: Yeah.

Katie: (comes in) What are you doing up here? Itís so hot! Donít tell me youíre getting the Christmas stuff down already!

John: Hmm? Oh, no, no. It's only the beginning of September... I still have a couple of weeks for that.

Katie: Well, what are you looking for?

John: My miracle stuff.

Katie: Miracle stuff?

John: Yeah. You know, my†m i r a c l e s t u f fÖ.(pronounces it slowly)

Katie: I know what you said. I just donít know why you said it. What in the world is miracle stuff?

John: Youíre kidding right? Do you mean to tell me that you donít own a box of miracle stuff?

Katie: Uh, no.

John: Wow. Well, for you unfortunate souls, miracle stuff is stuff that makes miracles.

Katie: (sarcastically) Oh, now itís so clear to me.†

John: Good. (buries his head back in the box)

Katie: John. I am your wife. Tell me right now whatís in thatÖ

John: AHA! Hereís the first piece. (takes out a baseball cap, turns it upside down and puts it on his head)

Katie: What are youÖ?

John: Hold on! Ö. (closes eyes) Wait for itÖ. HmmmmÖ.

Katie: What are you doing?

John: Waiting for a miracle.†

Katie: Really.

John: Yeah, you see, weíre having big-time financial problems so I had to find my miracle stuff.

Katie: Hence the hat, eh?

John: Yeah, itís kinda like a rally cap. You see this hat? I had this on when I was in Minneapolis 4 years ago when the Pope visited. (Holds it up high) This hat got run over by the Pope mobile... Itís sacred.

Katie: I see. Well, the sacred rally cap isnít working.

John: No problem. I have more miracle stuff.

Katie: I canít wait.

John: AHA! (takes out a bag of sticks) I knew these were here!

Katie: What are they?

John: These? Well, these are my divining sticks. I bought these at the Biblical Gardens Campground in Wisconsin when I was a kid. I was told they were made from a fossilized tree from the garden of Gethsemane. I just throw them on the ground and theyíll spell out the answer to our problems. (He throws them.)

Katie: (pause) Well. What do they spell?

John: Jello.

Katie: Jello?

John: Jello.

Katie: ah.

John: Hmmm. (goes back to the box) Iíve got to have something else in here!

Katie: John? John? JOHN?! (pulls him out!)

John: What?

Katie: Did it ever occur to you that you should pray about it?

John: Pray?

Katie: Yeah, you know, quit worrying about it and pray.

John: (long pause) Yeah, sure. Now, whereís the rest of that stuff? (goes back to the box)

Katie: Argh! (storms off stage)

John: AHA! Honey? Honey!
Here it is! (he throws it around his neck as he shouts after her)†The Scarf of Turan!!!



(c) 1999 Dave Marsh

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