Is That Your Final Answer?

By Dave Marsh
November 09, 2011

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A drama about accepting Christ.

Director'sNotes: Pastor Stark was doing a series called 'Regis and Jesus: Same Questions, Different Answers.' It was an excellent series on asking people what their final answer is when it comes to marriage, kids, and career. Well, naturally, I had to do a 'Millionaire' knock-off. I thought it would be interesting if the final million dollar question was totally subjective and, more importantly, eternally important...

Regis: (Host of Who Wants
to be a Millionaire?)
Jim: (A contestant)
Laura: (Jimís wife)
Ray (Your pastor): (A life

2 chairs (about 4 feet apart
facing each other)
Powerpoint presentation
(found here)

The set of a game show.

Regis and Jim sitting there.) (It would be great if you taped and played
the theme. I found it on the web and recorded each part and burned it to
a CD...)
Regis: Well, welcome back
to Who Wants to be a Millionaire?! If you missed it, young Jim Duncan here
has us all on the edge of our seats! With the help of two of his lifelines,
Jim has breezed through the questions here like no other contestant! And
now heís on the verge of winning 1 million dollars! Jim, in your wildest
dreams, could you ever imagine this happening?

Jim: Not really. I mean,
I had a little trouble with the interpretive ancient Hebrew dance question
and that one about the US value of 126,423 francs was a bit bothersome
but Iím feeling pretty good about it now.

Regis: Well I should say
so! Tell us a bit more about yourself Jim.

Jim: Well, I live in a college
town in Virginia and I work in admissions at a junior college there called
Piedmont. I enjoy hiking and relaxing.

Regis: Well, if you get this
next question right, youíre gonna have a lot more time for that! We know
your wife Laura is in the audience. Laura, can you believe this guy? You
must be pretty proud.

Laura: I sure am, Regis.

Regis: What will you two
do if he wins the million dollars?

Laura: You mean WHEN he wins
the million right?

Regis: Whoa! Sheís more confident
than he is!

Laura: Well, Iím going shopping
in Richmond. Jim has to cut the grass.

Regis: Whoa!

Jim: Sheís just joking around

Laura: No Iím not.

Regis: Okay, okay, okay.
Well, you two will have to work that out. Maybe a compromise is a gold
plated lawn mower eh?

Jim: (laughs)

Regis: Well, I think itís
about time we get to the million dollar question, donít you?

Jim: Iím ready.

Regis: Well, youíve got 1
life line left. Youíve got Laura in the audience and you have all of us
rooting for you so letís play Who Wants to be a Millionaire?!†

(PLAY 'thinking' music)

Regis: (Reads question) Which
one of these describes your relationship with Jesus Christ?

Not Interested†
Spiritual Seeker†
Casual Christian†
Committed Believer†
Jim: Wha? What kind of question
is this?

Regis: I donít write em?
I just read em and make a lot of money doing so.

Jim: Well, hmmm. (looks over
the question over and over)

Regis: Youíve still got a
life line left if you want to use it.

Jim: (pauses a lot between
the following sentences) Yeah, I know. Itís just that I donít think about
this too much. I mean, I went to church as a kid but they didnít talk about
this. And now I go every once in a while. Hmmm. (thinks more) Okay, Iíll
phone a friend.

Regis: Okay, who are we calling?

Jim: Well, I thought Iíd
call my pastor. His name is Ray Stark.

Regis: Well, that would be
perfect now wouldnít it. If anyone knows the answer itís him. Okay, our
friends at AT&T are going to give him a call.

Ray: Hello?

Regis:† Hello Ray? Regis
Philbin here from ABCís Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

Ray: Hey Reg!

Regis: Hello. Weíve got someone
here you know Ė Jim Duncan and heís going for the million dollar question
so heís really counting on you.

Ray: Well, Iíll do the best
I can.

Regis: Thatís all we can
ask. Okay, the next voice youíll hear is Jimís. You have 30 seconds and
it starts now.

Jim: (Reads question) Which
one of these describes your relationship with Jesus Christ?

Not Interested†
Spiritual Seeker†
Casual Christian†
Committed Believer†
Ray: You mean your relationship
with Christ?

Jim: Yeah. My relationship.

Ray: Hmmm.

Jim: Hurry Ray. Iíve only
got 15 seconds left.

Ray: Well Iím afraid I canít
help you there, Jim. I have no idea.

Jim: What do you mean? Youíre
a pastor for crying out loud. What do you think?

Ray: It doesnít matter what
I think. The answer to the question is between you and God.†

Jim: But...†

Regis: Timeís up Jim. Well,
the only question I have for you is: Whatís your final answer?



(c) 2000 Dave Marsh

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