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Sacred Spaces
Ever thought about how the room you gather in on a Sunday morning is used? How is the stage set up? What is the focal point of the room? Where do the seats point, and what is the accessibility of the stage? What artistic....more
Manuel Luz 2022-11-15 General Worship
Theology of Change
A few years ago, I came home to find my teenage sons sitting with some friends around the dining room table, laughing hysterically at some books they were passing around. I knew something was up because when I entered th....more
Manuel Luz 2022-11-08 General Worship
Telling the Prodigal Story
In Imagine That, I made the argument that the world is full of redemption stories, and that we are, by nature, drawn to redemption stories. From “Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer” to “Finding Nemo,” from Homer’s Odyssey to....more
Manuel Luz 2022-10-25 General Worship
Literally. Or Not.
met•a•phor ‘met-uh-for, noun, a figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable. I was approached by a concerned visitor to our church after a worsh....more
Manuel Luz 2022-10-17 General Worship
Tension and Truth
An artist I know recently mentioned to me how he hated going into Christian bookstores. Without mentioning why, I could understand his unstated acrimony. (It may be for some of the same reasons why I would feel uncomfort....more
Manuel Luz 2022-10-10 General Worship
My Story
The piano was always a magnet to me, even at an early age. I began piano lessons at almost age five, and by age eleven, I was determined to become a classical pianist. But it was at fourteen—the year I discovered girls—t....more
Manuel Luz 2022-10-03 General Worship
Why Paint During Worship?
Many churches are beginning to incorporate live painting into their worship services. For those who haven’t experienced this, a painter(s) will begin with a large, blank canvas at the beginning of a service and paint thr....more
Manuel Luz 2022-09-26 General Worship
Further Reflections
It was a blog post I’ve tried to avoid writing for years. But at some point, I knew I couldn’t not write it. The result was “The Issue of Age in Modern Worship,” which discusses the issue of how some churches are replaci....more
Manuel Luz 2022-09-12 General Worship
Heart Worship
The “heart” of the worshiper is a key aspect of worship, but there seems to be some confusion about what that means. These days, the word “heart” is associated with emotion, experience, and sincerity. In other words, i....more
Manuel Luz 2022-08-25 General Worship
The Issue of Age in Modern Worship
Scenario 1: An unemployed worship pastor confided in me recently. He had just candidated with a church and it seemed like a perfect fit. But after a successful interview process where he led worship at the Sunday morning....more
Manuel Luz 2022-08-18 General Worship
Manuel Luz
Manuel Luz 2014-01-25 General Worship
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