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Making Your Church Website Mobile Friendly
It’s hard to go anywhere (including church) where people are not pulling out their phones for more than calls. We’re clearly a mobile culture with habits now firmly entrenched in anytime, anywhere access. Churches must, ....more
Anthony D. Coppedge 2020-08-18 General Worship
Literally. Or Not.
met•a•phor ‘met-uh-for, noun, a figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable. I was approached by a concerned visitor to our church after a worsh....more
Manuel Luz 2020-08-13 General Worship
Time Limits for corporate Worship?
As a worship leader, I have often struggled with the question of timing or length of the service. I am sure I am not alone in that. How long is too long? Likewise, how short is too short? The answers would vary from one ....more
Jonathan Jones 2020-08-11 General Worship
Compliance Disguised as Submission
In my vocational work on staff at three churches and in my non-vocational work for several companies, I have struggled to know when to submit myself to authority and when, well…not to do so. What I’ve learned is that I w....more
Anthony D. Coppedge 2020-08-10 General Worship
Tension and Truth
An artist I know recently mentioned to me how he hated going into Christian bookstores. Without mentioning why, I could understand his unstated acrimony. (It may be for some of the same reasons why I would feel uncomfort....more
Manuel Luz 2020-08-06 General Worship
Museums, Movements, and Mr. Lilly
Recently our Middle School Pastor RJ McCauley sent me a link to a video calle....more
Van Metschke 2020-08-04 General Worship
Great video for inspiring creativity and the time it takes to make it all happen. We live in a society that says we want things now, so we should get it now. This video shows the value of patience and God's timing. W....more
EXW Staff 2020-08-03 General Worship
My Story
The piano was always a magnet to me, even at an early age. I began piano lessons at almost age five, and by age eleven, I was determined to become a classical pianist. But it was at fourteen—the year I discovered girls—t....more
Manuel Luz 2020-07-30 General Worship
The Price
Today is a sad day in the flesh. I missed my Dad's 80th birthday this weekend. You see, I live in Texas and he in Hawaii. A....more
Stephen M. Newman 2020-07-27 General Worship
Why Paint During Worship?
Many churches are beginning to incorporate live painting into their worship services. For those who haven’t experienced this, a painter(s) will begin with a large, blank canvas at the beginning of a service and paint thr....more
Manuel Luz 2020-07-23 General Worship
Amazing new song from Kari Jobe. You will love this video of creativity and power. Love the use of spoken word with singing. more
EXW Staff 2020-07-21 General Worship
The Church and the Introvert
I recently discovered this wonderful depiction of the keys to relating to the introvert. It struck a chord with me as I am, and always have been, a self-proclaimed closet introvert. Though I can (and often have to) mask ....more
Benjamin Denen 2020-07-14 General Worship
Five Things That Cause Worship Leader Burnout, and One Remedy
A great article on why many worship leaders experience burnout. If you have been in ministry long, you will see the clear reasons to this serious problem that we all face. "In seminary, I often heard and read th....more
EXW Staff 2020-07-13 General Worship
Further Reflections
It was a blog post I’ve tried to avoid writing for years. But at some point, I knew I couldn’t not write it. The result was “The Issue of Age in Modern Worship,” which discusses the issue of how some churches are replaci....more
Manuel Luz 2020-07-09 General Worship
Benefits of Singing the Psalms in Worship
For good reason, the book of Psalms is often referred to as the hymnal of Israel. Indeed, the text of the Psalms were sung by God’s people and have continued to be utilized in corporate worship contexts for centuries. Ch....more
Jonathan Jones 2020-07-07 General Worship
To Judge or Not to Judge
Lately, it seems that the idea that Christians should never judge is being bandied about quite frequently. Unless you have been living under a rock (then again, has anyone ever actually lived under a rock???), you probab....more
Benjamin Denen 2020-07-02 General Worship
Leading Up
Working with your leaders to accomplish the vision they have set forth. To help them understand the strengths and challenges from the boots on the ground point of view. WHAT LEADING UP IS NOT: It is not MANAGING U....more
Van Metschke 2020-06-30 General Worship
Heart Worship
The “heart” of the worshiper is a key aspect of worship, but there seems to be some confusion about what that means. These days, the word “heart” is associated with emotion, experience, and sincerity. In other words, i....more
Manuel Luz 2020-06-29 General Worship
Good Friday and Easter Idea
Here is an amazing video created by Mariners Church in California. Very creative and effective with some great cinematography. The beauty of the video is that it speaks to Good Friday but then resolves itself on Easter....more
EXW Staff 2020-06-25 General Worship
The Issues with Christian Music – Part Four
A brief overview of the series taken from my second post: In this blog series my goal is to explore some of the issues that many people in American Christendom seem to have with Christian music these days. It is in n....more
Benjamin Denen 2020-06-23 General Worship
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