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In Search of the Spiritual
Do you ever stop and ask yourself, "Why do people visit my church?" Do you ever ask yourself, "Why don't they come back?" Why is it that churches across the country see people coming in the front door only to have th....more
Stephen M. Newman 2013-02-06 Worship Leaders
The Destroyer
John 10:10, "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." We all know how sin can ruin our lives. The decisions we make can cause us to l....more
Stephen M. Newman 2012-12-10 General Worship
Singing = Praying?
I honestly admit that I am not the greatest student of the Bible. I tend to look at things for what they are, and through prayer, question only the things that send up red flags. I was doing a word search last week a....more
Stephen M. Newman 2012-03-25 General Worship
Behind the Praise
Here at EXW we love to bring you resources that will truly benefit your churches worship experience. One of the latest and best resources we have found is called "Behind the Praise". I could go on and on about this won....more
Stephen M. Newman 2011-11-13 General Worship
Credit- Another Black Eye
I had an unusual experience a few weeks ago. One that I felt led to share with you. If for anything to help us become aware of a growing trend in others perception of the church. On Monday afternoon I went to a wel....more
Stephen M. Newman 2011-01-31 General Worship
Teach and They Will Learn
I have to make a heartfelt confession, for years I have been a judge of people in my church. As I would lead worship from the platform and look down on the congregation, I would often pass judgment on those who were ....more
Stephen M. Newman 2010-06-06 Worship Leaders
Copyright in the Church
Over the past weeks I have run into some questions about copyright in the area of music and video. The questions were simple and easy to understand and answer, and yet, I am finding that more and more churches, even tho....more
Stephen M. Newman 2010-04-24 Video Advice
Mission Service Supply
Over the past ten years or so, the church has become more aware of the need to improve upon their visual ministries. Overhead projectors are a thing of the past and although many churches are utilizing video projectors,....more
Stephen M. Newman 2010-04-19 Video Advice
Breaking Out
Breaking Out, a study on contemporary worship.....more
Stephen M. Newman 2009-08-18 Worship Studies
Christian Leadership University
Many of you have requested information about worship schools. Where can we get further education in the area of worship and ministry? Is there a place where courses in worship are offered for those who are in ministry ....more
Stephen M. Newman 2009-06-04 Worship Leaders
Teaching Worship
Teaching Worship, a study of how to teach your church to worship. ....more
Stephen M. Newman 2009-02-10 Worship Studies
Communion Ideas
We are looking for the most creative ideas for Communion/Lord's Supper on the planet! Okay that may be a little much but we are interested in hearing about what you have experienced in your church or possibly another ch....more
Stephen M. Newman 2007-10-03 General Worship
Teaching Worship - ch. 3
This section is not lengthy for one reason alone. If your senior pastor is not a visible worshiper, it will be much harder for you to lead worship and for your people to follow your lead. I haven't been able to put m....more
Stephen M. Newman 2007-04-02 Worship Studies
EXW - The Study
Introduction to Study It appears that the continuing struggle in the area of worship i....more
Stephen M. Newman 2006-08-06 Worship Studies
Stephen M. Newman
Stephen M. Newman 2003-11-06 Worship Studies
Teaching Worship - ch. 2
Undoubtedly, this is the question that has frustrated worship leaders and pastors for the past several hundred years. Why do some people jump up and down in worship and some won't even open their mouths to sing? What i....more
Stephen M. Newman 2003-10-16 Worship Studies
Teaching Worship - ch. 6
If you are in a church serving on staff or are a worship team member, then you will have no problem identifying the many different levels of participation in worship. You will have those who jump up and down, those who w....more
Stephen M. Newman 2003-04-18 Worship Studies
Teaching Worship - ch. 5
Any good craftsman needs good tools to do his work. In order for him to create a quality project, he will need quality tools to do the best possible job. The same would apply to any field of work. Some of the best tea....more
Stephen M. Newman 2002-08-04 Worship Studies
Teaching Worship - ch. 8
If you have been in the ministry for a while you know that the Arts Department has a tendency to draw people of all colors and expressions. We are a bit different because, for the most part, our people are on the creativ....more
Stephen M. Newman 2002-05-23 Worship Studies
Breaking Out - ch. 2
Where are you coming from: Hymn only. Hymns with older choruses blended into the service. A true blended service. Where do you want to go? Traditional/Contemporary Blended 40/60 Pure Con....more
Stephen M. Newman 2002-05-07 Worship Studies
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Experiencing Worship, The Study
Used by churches all over the world to help teach worship, the Experiencing Worship study can help your worship team too. Your team will learn why we worship and gain a better understanding of how to worship. One user said..."Your 5 week study course has made a tremendous impact on my life in the study of worship... I would like to express my thanks for a well written study course that leads into a higher realm of praise and worship."

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