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Encounters with God
The old man walked slowly toward the tent. The people watched as he bent his well-worn frame to enter. They had seen him approach the tent many times, but each time they stood to watch. His wrinkled hands, still strong, ....more
Ross Parsley 2024-04-24 General Worship
The Building Blocks of Worship
The seventh chapter of Luke paints one of the most beautiful pictures of worship and adoration found in the Scriptures. If we look closely we find some essential building blocks for a worshipping church. Simon, the P....more
Ross Parsley 2024-02-19 Worship Leaders
Do You Have a Vision?
Do you ever stop and wonder what's coming next in your worship ministry? Think of last January-what were you expecting to happen in your worship services during this last year? Did they turn out like you wanted? Did you ....more
Ross Parsley 2023-07-27 Worship Leaders
Biblical Worship Encounters
One of the most important questions facing our churches today is one you wouldn't expect. The question is simple but for some the answer seems illusive. Many pastors explain the answer in theological terms but cannot a....more
Ross Parsley 2023-02-15 General Worship
10 Pillars
So much of worship ministry training these days is philosophical or theoretical but as a practitioner I tend to gravitate towards the practical applications. What I've found through both success and failure is if we make....more
Ross Parsley 2022-12-22 Worship Leaders
Biblical Worship Encounters Pt. 2
Have you ever gone an extended missions trip to a third world country? How long before you start to miss American food, the smell of a well-marinated hamburger on the grill, the taste of a creamy milkshake to wash it dow....more
Ross Parsley 2022-04-20 General Worship
Ross Parsley
Ross Parsley 2003-02-25 General Worship
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Experiencing Worship, The Study
Used by churches all over the world to help teach worship, the Experiencing Worship study can help your worship team too. Your team will learn why we worship and gain a better understanding of how to worship. One user said..."Your 5 week study course has made a tremendous impact on my life in the study of worship... I would like to express my thanks for a well written study course that leads into a higher realm of praise and worship."

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