Women in Worship

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Keeping the Flame Burning!
Walking into my office recently I found a message taped to my computer that said, “I’m having a garage sale this Saturday - Mom has a lot of song books I think you should look at - come early.” I went quickly to the o....more
Debbi Shotlow 2023-06-08 Women in Worship
It's Not About Us
It was an unusual Sunday morning. My husband was traveling out of town that morning and we (our two young ones 5 and 7 years old) had to get him to the airport by 6:30 am. It seemed like it was going downhill fr....more
Darlene Thorne 2023-05-29 Women in Worship
Occasionally I sit in on one of our Women's Ministry Bible Studies. Currently they are involved in a study of the Women in the Bible. I would like to share a story with you, and the insight that God gave to me as a"Wo....more
Debbi Shotlow 2023-05-16 Women in Worship
Hidden Opportunities
I often get offended when people ask me what I do full-time as a Worship Leader. For some reason, I get offended more than I care to think about. Don’t ask me why - in my mind they should have at least a hint - “Worsh....more
Debbi Shotlow 2023-05-04 Women in Worship
Consistency Please – Part 2
“And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose” – Roman 8:28 (NLT) It’s been almost a year since I wrote Consistency Please.....more
Debbi Shotlow 2023-04-24 Women in Worship
Renew Your Passion
I recently went to see the movie, The Passion of the Christ.” This movie was indeed violent, full of blood and gore. It was hard to look at, but, yet I found myself drawn into the realness of the film. This was a reen....more
Darlene Thorne 2023-04-17 Women in Worship
This is the season we swear off things we have gotten tired of by the end of the year. Every year I say I will never oversee another Children’s Choir, but here I am a few weeks and counting to the production date. Som....more
Debbi Shotlow 2023-04-10 Women in Worship
As a new worship leader, I felt an unusual call to remain at my church for about two years and not visit other churches as some of my friends were doing at the time. It seemed as though every weekend someone was telli....more
Debbi Shotlow 2023-04-04 Women in Worship
Center Full Living
Since the beginning of creation God has always desired to be the center of our devotion - our worship. His desire becomes very evident as we examine the scriptures and study His “living habits” among man. The book of ....more
Debbi Shotlow 2023-02-08 Women in Worship
Call to Ministry - My Testimony
Should women be in ministry and leadership positions? This question has been the topic of much discussion for centuries. Many Bible colleges and seminary classrooms debate the famous scripture “women are to be silent.....more
Debbi Shotlow 2023-01-19 Women in Worship
Let’s Just Praise the Lord
As I read through the book of Psalms I am finding more and more that the writers’ were doing more praising of our Father than anything else. Some of us come before the Lord in prayer and I know for myself, from time to....more
Darlene Thorne 2023-01-04 Women in Worship
Consistency Please!
As I awaken this morning, my mind was filled with the thought that my life seemed as though it had no constants. What I mean by constants is that there appeared to be no consistency in my life. Reflecting on my life, I t....more
Debbi Shotlow 2022-12-28 Women in Worship
Getting Rid of the Clutter
After moving into our home last year, I had not realized ALL of the things we have accumulated over our nineteen years of marriage and two children later. There was just so much stuff! I was giving away things, throwin....more
Darlene Thorne 2022-11-30 Women in Worship
Are We Willing?
None of us are exempt from living a life of worship. Too many people think that worship is just for the time we spend in church. They call it a worship service. But in reality, we only begin to worship on that Sund....more
Darlene Thorne 2022-09-21 Women in Worship
A Foundation
As leaders of worship we must know what we believe biblically about worship and stand firm in our convictions that are based on “true” Biblical foundations. We should not walk in ignorance, but have a clear direction ....more
Debbi Shotlow 2022-06-28 Women in Worship
Hindrances to Worship
They are out there in every service, at every Bible study, on our worship teams and in our prayer and cell groups. They could be a friend of yours, or even a stranger. It could be you or me, your husband, boyfriend, y....more
Debbi Shotlow 2022-06-23 Women in Worship
Is God “Raining” In Our Hearts?
Today it’s raining and it brings to mind our Father’s creation. He made the heavens and earth and everything. Then He made man and said that it was “very good.” As I looked at the rain, I noticed it fell everywhere; i....more
Darlene Thorne 2022-06-09 Women in Worship
Quick Change Artist Worshiper
As a mother and wife, I can go from being counselor, bank advisor, parole officer, head chef, lawn care specialist, and nurse in ten seconds or less. Any woman with children has the know-how and God-given talent to a....more
Terri Pettyjohn 2022-06-06 Women in Worship
II Corinthians 5:17(NIV) “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he (me, we, she, you), he (me, we, she, you) is a new creation, the old has gone and the new has come! As I move closer to the Lord, I am beginni....more
Debbi Shotlow 2022-06-02 Women in Worship
Matters of the Heart
Too long a time has gone by with us being “fake lovers of Jesus.” We say we love Him, we talk about Him, to others but in the solitude of our hearts we don’t truly believe. We distrust God and His promises, we long for....more
Darlene Thorne 2022-05-16 Women in Worship
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