Consistency Please!

By Debbi Shotlow
Worship Leader
December 28, 2022

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As I awaken this morning, my mind was filled with the thought that my life seemed as though it had no constants. What I mean by constants is that there appeared to be no consistency in my life. Reflecting on my life, I thought of what had transpired over the past year my life. It was literally turned upside down.

Here’s a snapshot of a life in transition. I sold a home in April, survived a divorce in June, lived with a family for 9 months, took a sabbatical from leading worship for 4 months, bought a new car in December, put myself in recovery, put things into storage, move things out of storage into a smaller space, I’m turning a year older next month, and I moved into a new apartment three weeks ago. To top these things off, I’m in a season change in ministry. Whew! I’m tired.

Within a very short period of time, my consistencies of life seem to disappear. In an attempt to regain control of my life, I found my life did not belong to me but to the Lord. I began to identify with the Children of Israel as they wandered in the wilderness for 40 years. Can you imagine pitching your tent every night, carrying it with you daily, waiting on morning to come so you could eat some “white stuff” and eating “chicken like stuff” for dinner everyday and night for 40 years?

I don’t know about you but just getting my apartment right for me to feel at home has taken me some time to settle in. I have this thing about “smells and feels.” When I walk into a room, the room has to smell and feel a certain way. It took me a few days to get rid of the previous tenant smell, and the smell of new paint, for the place to feel like home. (Now I know I’m not the only one like this?)

After moving, I felt that I could bring a constant into my life - NOT SO! I knew this would only be a temporary place for me. For now it was the place I was supposed to be. I’m speaking spiritually and physically. As I lay in my bed, the Holy Spirit said “you may not think you have consistency in your life but - I am always present”

I began to weep inside. I felt tears of relief run down my face. Deep within me I knew God had spoken. Yes, I had gone through much “in the natural” but inside there was a constant I could rely on. My God who is the same today, yesterday and forever. His unfailing love for me would never put more on me than I could handle. I can do all things through Christ who would strengthen me. God is good and His mercies are new every morning. Weeping about stuff would only last for the night and the morning would bring joy.

I share this testimony with you just in case you are in that place of inconsistency in your life right now. Be encouraged. God is your consistency. Rely on Him and keep His word close at hand. Get it and keep it deep in your spirit so when trouble comes your way, you can pull up words of encouragement to encourage yourself, remembering the promises of God to you.

I view the inconsistencies in my life differently now. With the same comfort that God gave to me I give to you– no matter what may shake in your life. We have a sure foundation and a sure word of testimony. It’s found in the word of God, hiding it in our hearts. – AMEN!

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