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Stephen M. Newman
Founder, & Author of Experiencing Worship

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Stephen M. Newman is the author of Experiencing Worship, A Study of Biblical Worship, and Founder & Editor of Steve currently serves as Pastor of Worship, First Presbyterian Church of Baton Rouge, LA. Steve has extensive experience in both traditional and contemporary worship styles and has been serving in music and worship capacities since 1982.

Steve Newman was raised in Honolulu, Hawaii and earned a Bachelor of Music degree with emphasis in Church Music from Oklahoma Baptist University in 1986. He has also earned Master's of Worship Ministry and Doctorate of Worship Ministry from Christian Leadership University, Elma, New York.

Steve Newman is available on Google+, Linkedin, and Twitter

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Gold Star Listing Associate Pastor. OH Baptist - Other
Youth Minister IN Baptist - Other
Gold Star Listing Modern Worship Leader GA United Methodist
Solo Pastor MA Baptist - American
Gold Star Listing Youth Ministry Director IL Non-Denominational
Children's Ministry Director - Pine Grove Campus PA
Gold Star Listing Youth and Children's Pastor TN United Methodist

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