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Gold Star Listing Senior Pastor

Olive Tree Congregation
Prospect Heights, IL
Posted: May 13, 2021
Job Information:

Because the responsibilities of the eldership are both numerous and grave, it is highly desirable for at least one to be chosen to devote himself to the work of the ministry and the oversight of the congregation on a full-time basis. The congregation is responsible to give adequate financial support to such a man (I Corinthians 9:7-11, I Timothy 5:17-18).

Section 2-- His Duties
A. Foremost among the pastor's duties shall be the public and private exposition of the Scriptures. His goal is to help mature the believers through insightful and accurate presentation and proclamation of the Word of God.
B. Conducting the public service.
C. Watching over the spiritual welfare of the congregation.
D. Equipping believers to be the true ministers in the body (Ephesians 4:11-12).
E. Being available for counsel as time permits.
F. He shall be an ex-officio member of all boards, committees, and organizations within the congregation and a voting member of the elder board.
G. He shall be the primary representative and spokesman of the OTC.
H. He shall visit the members and others in the community in so far as possible.
I. He shall give himself to prayer on behalf of the members over whom he has spiritual oversight.
J. He shall maintain congregational discipline among the members.
K. He shall perform ceremonial duties such as weddings and funerals.
L. He shall give attention to such areas as evangelism and missions through example and direction.
M. He shall be a resource person and stimulator rather than the star performer.

Article 6, Section 2 Elders

D. Their Qualifications - 1 Timothy 3:2-7, Titus 1:6-9
1. Above Reproach
Elders must be blameless, presenting no patterns of Scriptural disobedience or grounds for accusation.
2. Husbands of One Wife
Elders must be "one-woman men". They must be devoted and faithful spouses if married; chaste and not flirtatious if unmarried.
3. Temperate
Elders must be self-controlled, enslaved to nothing, free from excesses.
4. Prudent
Elders must be somber, sensible, wise balanced in judgment, not given to quick, superficial decisions based on immature thinking.
5. Respectable
Elders must demonstrate a well-ordered life and good behavior.
6. Hospitable
Elders must be unselfish with their personal resources. They must be willing to share blessings with others.
7. Able to Teach
Elders must be able to communicate the truth of God and sound doctrine in a non-argumentative way.
8. Not Addicted to Wine
Elders must be free from addictions, and must be willing to limit their liberty for the sake of others.
9. Not Pugnacious
Elders must be gentle and characterized by forbearance and tenderness -- not having a quick temper.
10. Uncontentious
Elders must not be given to quarreling or selfish argumentation.
11. Free From the Love of Money
Elders must not be stingy, greedy or out for sordid gain. They should not be preoccupied with amassing material things, but rather should be a model of giving.
12. Manage Own Household
Elders must have a well-ordered household, a healthy family life, and well-behaved children. (Pertains to those children still under the authority of the parents.)
13. Not a New Believer
Elders must have been believers for long enough to demonstrate the reality of their redemption and the depth of their spirituality.
14. Good Reputation with Outsiders
Elders must be well respected by unbelievers, and must be free from hypocrisy.
15. Not Self-Willed
Elders must not be stubborn, insensitive, or prone to force opinions on others. They must be more interested in service than self-pleasure.
16. Not Quick-Tempered
Elders must be able to exercise self-control and patience in difficult situations.
17. Loves What is Good
Elders must desire the will of God in every decision.
18. Just
Elders must be fair and impartial. Their judgments must be based on Scriptural principle.
19. Devout
Elders must be reverent, continually desiring to be separated from sin. They must be devoted to prayer, the study of Scripture and the guarding of their own spiritual walk.
20. Holding Fast the Faithful Word
Elders must be stable in the faith, obedient to the Word of God, continually seeking to be controlled by the Holy Spirit.

Position Information:
Position Title:Senior Pastor
Time: Full Time
Category: Associate Pastor
Denomination: Other
Worship Style:
Church Size: 100 - 250
Contact Information:
Organization Name:Olive Tree Congregation
Address1:400 N. Elmhurst Rd.
City:Prospect Heights
State or Province:IL
ZIP Code:60070
Country: USA
Map this Organization: Map
Contact Email:Contact this Organization
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Senior Pastor job in Prospect Heights, IL

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