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Guitar Tips
As a guitar player, I am always looking for new resources to help me get better at my craft. I have gone through book after book that held some good tips for improving my playing. Some better than others. I have been ....more
EXW Staff 2023-09-13 Book Reviews
Proclaim Church Presentation Software
The are many presentation softwares out that are great for use in the church. We know of a few that have been around for years and do a great job. Some are more difficult to use than others and some are more powerful t....more
EXW Staff 2023-09-06 Video Advice
Michael Cox
Michael Cox is a composer, conductor, pianist, and educator. With a focus on choral music and church music, Dr. Cox has had a following as a composer for years. In 2....more
EXW Staff 2023-09-04 General Worship
Come Thou Long Expected Jesus
This is an amazing video and song to be used during the Christmas season. Marcy Priest rocks this version of an old Christmas carol and the video is moving and very creative. Click on the buy it now link for more info ....more
EXW Staff 2023-08-30 General Worship
Worship House Media
WorshipHouse Media exists to provide worship videos and church media resources for people like you - pastors, worship leaders, small group leaders and anyone involved with worship planning. We've been in the worship medi....more
EXW Staff 2023-08-23 Video Advice
Passion 2013
At the heart of it all, Passion exists to see a generation stake their lives on what matters most. For us, that's the fame of the One who rescues and restores, and the privilege we have to fully leverage our lives by amp....more
EXW Staff 2023-08-21 General Worship
Glorious Ruin
In this world, one thing is certain: Everybody hurts. Suffering may take the form of tragedy, heartbreak, or addiction. Or it could be something more mundane (but no less real) like resentment, loneliness, or disappointm....more
EXW Staff 2023-08-16 Book Reviews
Are You Barren?
I have spent years in the traditional church as a Christian as well as part of the church staff. Because of my background, I had a lack of understanding when it came to this thing called worship. To me it was the so....more
EXW Staff 2023-08-14 General Worship
Scriptures on Worship
Genesis 4:1-7 1. Abel’s offering was accepted while Cain’s was rejected. i) God is pleased only with certain offerings. ii) Here, Abel brought “fat portions from some of the firstborn of his flock” which shows that he....more
EXW Staff 2023-08-09 General Worship
Effective Effects
It is often tricky to find the best effects in a live venue like worship. When to use reverb and when to use delays can baffle the volunteer and even experienced sound tech. This article sheds some light light on w....more
EXW Staff 2023-08-02 Sound Advice
Guitar College
Are you an average guitar player looking to get better? Do you want to help expand you abilities on the guitar? I have been play the guitar off and on for 37 years. I have taken a ton of lessons and bought hundreds of....more
EXW Staff 2023-07-19 General Worship
I Want to Know Him
There is a moment in any relationship, actually a number of moments, in which you become aware that something has changed, that the relationship has moved beyond what it was into new and unexplored territory. It is at....more
EXW Staff 2023-07-13 General Worship
The Clay Doesn't Question
At EXW, we are constantly looking for tools that will help worship leaders and worshipers grow in their personal worship experiences and in their corporate worship settings. Over the past five to ten years we have seen ....more
EXW Staff 2023-07-06 General Worship
The Console Switch
I recently had the opportunity to make the switch from an analog to a digital console. I guess I am one of the old school guys who had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the digital world. I still love the sound....more
EXW Staff 2023-07-03 Sound Advice
Creative Elements to Worship - Part 3
Here are the rest of the over 70 creative elements that you can add to your services from Steve Miller. 44. Control the environment. Although they're sometimes unavoidable, such distractions as mosquitoes, ....more
EXW Staff 2023-06-27 Worship Leaders
Why Multimedia in Worship?
Multimedia incorporates several elements of communication: text, graphics, animation, sound, and video. When properly used, these elements enhance the total worship experience and give new freedom to the worshiper. Wh....more
EXW Staff 2023-06-21 Sound Advice
We normally do not review movies here at EXW but this is one that is definitely worth mentioning. I am a big movie buff who loves everything from romance to Rambo. I have seen a ton of movies over the past 40 years. L....more
EXW Staff 2023-06-13 General Worship
Does Better Music Grow a Bigger Church?
One of the best articles I have read in years comes to us from Don Chapman. Truly insightful! I used to think that really good music grows a church. Get the hottest band and singers in town and the people will come. ....more
EXW Staff 2023-06-07 General Worship
Sleek Lighting Design Tips
Lighting operators in houses of worship have always been challenged to create amazing lighting effects. The question is: How are you supposed to do this with a limited budget for products? In this article we’ll attemp....more
EXW Staff 2023-05-24 General Worship
Love Lines the Last Horizon
Singer-songwriter, speaker and worship leader Tanya Godsey, whose artistry occupies the space somewhere between the sincerity of Sara Groves and the passion of Bethel Music’s Steffany Gretzinger, independently releases h....more
EXW Staff 2023-05-22 General Worship
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