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Keep Your Internet Access Safe
Have you wondered how you can have more control over what you or your children see on the Internet? Are you looking for add on software that will enable you to filter the Internet? There's a new company on the Internet....more
EXW Staff 2004-11-17 General Worship
CD Reviews Wanted!
If you have a review on any of the following CD's below, we would love to post them here at EXW. Our desire is to present an accurate and broader review of each CD that spans past out internal borders. We want to know ....more
EXW Staff 2004-10-12 Worship Music Reviews
Sound Check
Another great resource for the Sound Tech and Music Minister. This book offers some helpful tips and teaching on sound and the sound system. Easy to read and very informative, this is a must for the church musicians li....more
EXW Staff 2004-09-26 Sound Advice
Sound Check
Another great resource for the Sound Tech and Music Minister. Sound Check offers some helpful tips and teaching on sound and the sou....more
EXW Staff 2004-05-21 Book Reviews
EXW Announces New Site
EXW has released its newest partner site, is a one stop shop for all your Christian resources. Books, music, videos, Bibles and more can be purchased at discount prices at iGoChristia....more
EXW Staff 2004-03-14 General Worship
EXW News Feed
Do you want to take our content with you? Do you use a My Yahoo page? If you do, you can get the latest EXW headlines right on your My Yahoo page. Simply click the button below and you're all set. You'll have the latest ....more
EXW Staff 2004-02-26
11th Commandment Project
The 11th Commandment Project will deeply impact your church or organization as it explains, in a practical way, how to obey the "new" commandment which Christ gave in John 13:34: "A new commandment I give to you. Love on....more
EXW Staff 2004-01-13 Book Reviews
Video Advice
Video advice for worship leaders, pastors, ministers, and worshippers.....more
EXW Staff 2003-10-09
Audio Made Easy
Easy reading and a great help for the beginning and intermediate SoundTech. Written by a Christian, Ira White has come up with an easy to read and understand book on sound. Covering every area from digital recording to....more
EXW Staff 2003-09-22 Book Reviews
Worship Leaders
Worship leader help, tips, resources for pastors, ministers, and leaders of worship.....more
EXW Staff 2003-08-17
Worship Teams
Articles and advice for worship teams and leaders.....more
EXW Staff 2003-08-17
Multi-Sensory Worshp
If you are needing some ideas to help enhance your worship services, you may want to check out this book from Ginghamsburg. The Handbook for Multi-Sensory Worship is filled with 34 services on topics such as Worship, Ho....more
EXW Staff 2003-06-13 Book Reviews
The Paul Langford Project
EXW Staff 2003-04-12
Fresh Faith
If you know of Jim Cymbala, you know he is a man of deep faith. He understands that his church is where it is because of God. Although he is a wonderful speaker and pastor, what seems to flow from him is his understand....more
EXW Staff 2003-03-24 Book Reviews
Song Screen
Song Screen is computer software that was written specifically for churches to display songs, Scripture, announcements, nursery numbers and Microsoft PowerPoint slide shows using a single software application. Song Scree....more
EXW Staff 2003-03-04 Software Reviews
For the past several years we have been offering our articles and worship helps here at EXW. We have seen our site grow to being one of the biggest worship help sites out today. We are grateful to the many who have con....more
EXW Staff 2003-01-16 General Worship
Two New Books
Two new worship books for the worship leader have come out this year that you will want to check out. The first is by Patrick Kavanaugh titled, "Worship-a way of life" and "The Complete Worship Leader" by....more
EXW Staff 2003-01-07 Book Reviews
Paul Langford
A Chicago based singer, arranger, keyboardist, producer and conductor, Paul Langford has a career that spans 13 years. Paul's work includes arranging for groups like GLAD, Voices of Liberty, VoiceTrek, The Chicago bas....more
EXW Staff 2002-12-23 General Worship
Creative Worship Materials
If you are looking for some new creative ideas for your worship services, check out These guys have some awesome church resources in the area of media and planning services. They regularly p....more
EXW Staff 2002-12-12 Book Reviews
New Charts Added
We have added seven new charts to our FREE Charts section here at EXW. Please feel free to download and use any of our song in your worship ....more
EXW Staff 2002-11-19 Worship Music Reviews
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