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The Business of Deception
A drama about how Satan undermines our lives and deceives us....more
Dave Marsh 2010-12-14 Drama
The Comfy Christian
Director's Notes: This is another drama about misplaced priorities. It's easy to put things in front of what God has for us. In this case, it's comfort (always a tough one for me!) When it comes to Lordship, it's more t....more
Dave Marsh 2011-05-10 Drama
The Diary of Horace Wimp
A drama about forgetting the past and past failures....more
Dave Marsh 2010-12-07 Drama
The Dilemma
A drama about Tithing....more
Dave Marsh 2011-04-21 Drama
The Favor
Director's Notes: I merely modified "The Favor" to work for Christmas... Cast: Susan: A woman who has forgotten her First Love Jerry: Susan's husband Props: A bunny costume (the goofier, the better) A camera ....more
Dave Marsh 2011-04-01 Drama
The Fence
A drama about being comfortable and sitting on the fence....more
Dave Marsh 2011-07-07 Drama
The Fishing Hole
A drama about Priorities- Father's Day....more
Dave Marsh 2021-03-18 Drama
The Game of Life
A drama about personal accountability and life priorities....more
Dave Marsh 2011-03-08 Drama
The Greatest Show on Earth
A drama about Priority, Christmas, Friendship with God.....more
Dave Marsh 2010-12-20 Drama
The Hike
A drama about following God for the long run....more
Dave Marsh 2011-05-27 Drama
The Insignificant Life of Horace Wimp
A drama about building a life of purpose....more
Dave Marsh 2011-11-03 Drama
The Johnson Account
A drama about the Holy Spirit.....more
Dave Marsh 2011-06-30 Drama
The List
A drama about Prayer.....more
Dave Marsh 2021-03-08 Drama
The Question
A drama about Evangelism....more
Dave Marsh 2021-07-13 Drama
The Remote
A drama about obeying your parents....more
Dave Marsh 2022-06-22 Drama
The Run
A drama about going the distance....more
Dave Marsh 2011-04-28 Drama
The Super Highway To Heaven
A drama about Evangelism....more
Dave Marsh 2010-10-29 Drama
The Tent
Director's Notes: This drama focuses on how many times we just want to be in our own comfort zone and not face that fact that God has expectations of us as Christians. Life is full of land mines and God knows exactly wh....more
Dave Marsh 2013-07-02 Drama
The Worst Announcements Ever
A drama about the perils of perfectionism....more
Dave Marsh 2011-02-07 Drama
Think About It
A drama about diffusing criticism....more
Dave Marsh 2011-05-14 Drama
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