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I Got Me Some Bills
Director's Notes: We've all heard that Jesus talks more about money than any other single subject. Why? Because if there's anything that we keep our hands clenched around it's money. If we can trust God with our kids an....more
Dave Marsh 2021-12-06 Drama
If You Build It...
A drama about building God's house - our lives....more
Dave Marsh 2010-11-29 Drama
Is That Your Final Answer?
A drama about accepting Christ.....more
Dave Marsh 2011-11-09 Drama
It's a God Thing
A drama about Christian adventure.....more
Dave Marsh 2011-06-21 Drama
Listen Up
A drama about listening to others....more
Dave Marsh 2011-05-03 Drama
Morning Madness
A drama about Serving in the Church....more
Dave Marsh 2011-01-09 Drama
Mr. Smith Goes to Jerusalem
A drama about Easter and understanding the tomb....more
Dave Marsh 2011-04-11 Drama
Next 5
Director's Notes: Our pastor did a message from 1 Corinthians 13 that said we can have all the faith and gifts in the world but if we don't have love for one another, then we are nothing. It was aimed at how we love eac....more
Dave Marsh 2021-01-25 Drama
Not So Amazing Grace
A drama about Blessings....more
Dave Marsh 2011-01-31 Drama
Peace Please
A drama about having peace....more
Dave Marsh 2011-02-23 Drama
Resting In The Lord
A drama about church and nature....more
Dave Marsh 2011-02-16 Drama
Rich Man, Poor Man?
A drama about Money....more
Dave Marsh 2011-03-03 Drama
Saturday Night Live?
A drama about Witnessing....more
Dave Marsh 2011-04-06 Drama
A drama about God pursuing the lost....more
Dave Marsh 2021-10-18 Drama
Stickey Situation
A drama about Lordship....more
Dave Marsh 2011-05-22 Drama
A drama about imitating Christ, not man....more
Dave Marsh 2011-03-10 Drama
The 7th Day
A drama about Priorities....more
Dave Marsh 2021-01-12 Drama
The Attic
A drama about Prayer.....more
Dave Marsh 2011-07-14 Drama
The Bigger They Are
A drama about overcoming Obstacles....more
Dave Marsh 2011-01-06 Drama
The Box
A drama about using your talents for God....more
Dave Marsh 2021-09-01 Drama
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