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Video Projection Formulas
I’m frequently asked to explain how much ‘horsepower’ (brightness) a projector needs to have in order to make the image on a screen look good. In a moment, I will give some formulas that are very necessary in determinin....more
Anthony D. Coppedge 2024-06-25 Video Advice
Scan Converter vs. Scaler
There are two versions of this reply - Basic and Advanced. I offer both so that no matter where you are on the 'Techie-O-Meter', you can get direction on this often misunderstood subject: First, the comments and ques....more
Anthony D. Coppedge 2024-04-29 Video Advice
To fully appreciate the statement made in the title of this article, you'd have to know that I'm a "techie" at heart. I love, I mean tools. I only call them tools when I'm talking to the Pastor. Every other tim....more
Anthony D. Coppedge 2024-03-27 Video Advice
Utilizing Cameras
The vast majority of churches in America are using slide projectors and overhead transparencies and haven’t made the jump to video projection. But that is changing...and rapidly. And in the ranks of those churches th....more
Anthony D. Coppedge 2023-12-07 Video Advice
Lamps (not bulbs)
Lamp technology has gone through significant leaps in technology over the last several years, and the new technologies have created much longer lamp life, and a host of other caveats and pitfalls. I feel a mini-artic....more
Anthony D. Coppedge 2023-11-06 Video Advice
Planning Weekend Experiences
Does your Pastor use a Creative Team to help craft the weekend experience at your church? Does your team plan out sermon series, music, videos and events well in advance? Chances are, your Pastor is overloaded wit....more
Anthony D. Coppedge 2023-10-19 Video Advice
It’s Knowing How to Say It
"Vegas has nothing to say, but they know how to say it," says Ed Young, Jr., Founding Pastor of Fellowship Church (my home church), "and the Church has everything to say, but typically doesn't know how to say i....more
Anthony D. Coppedge 2023-06-28 Video Advice
Why Most Churches....
There is a saying that churches buy a sound system three times. The first is the one the building “comes with” that was most likely designed by the general contractor or a local music store. A well-meaning but ill-experi....more
Anthony D. Coppedge 2023-05-31 Video Advice
Modern Philosophy of Media in Church
Making an impact. Reaching the lost. Growing believers. And then, repeating the cycle. Isn't that what we're required to do as believers? Then how much more important is it for the leadership of the church to ....more
Anthony D. Coppedge 2023-03-13 General Worship
Implementing Media
Have a defined vision, purpose and plan for using Media. That's it. If the church leadership has a desire to use Media, then there must be a clear vision, attainable goals and operating budget established. ....more
Anthony D. Coppedge 2023-03-08 Video Advice
Upgrading Your Video Projector
I receive numerous emails from churches asking about Video Projection. Listed below is one such church that is looking to upgrade their projector. What follows are a few of their questions. My responses are directed....more
Anthony D. Coppedge 2023-02-07 Video Advice
How Much Media Budget?
The concept of Media budgets is relatively new (aside from broadcast oriented churches), and the amounts jump dramatically from church to church. So how much should you set aside for your Annual church Media budget? The ....more
Anthony D. Coppedge 2023-01-18 Video Advice
How to Delegate the Right Way
The difference between delegating responsibility and giving away delegated authority is like eggs and ham: the chicken is involved; the pig is committed. It’s safe to say most of us have worked for a manager that used....more
Anthony D. Coppedge 2022-11-16 General Worship
Set Milestones & Define Expectations
Speaking specifically to followers of Jesus, as believers leading other believers, we’re not looking to modify behavior; we’re looking for heart change (measuring spiritual fruit). In most situations with talented employ....more
Anthony D. Coppedge 2022-11-10 Worship Leaders
Projector Connections
Simple, yet legitimate questions about projectors are often the ones that are assumed. A subscriber of mine once asked me what sorts of connectors should be on a projector. First, the projector should be DATA and VID....more
Anthony D. Coppedge 2022-11-02 Video Advice
Making Your Church Website Mobile Friendly
It’s hard to go anywhere (including church) where people are not pulling out their phones for more than calls. We’re clearly a mobile culture with habits now firmly entrenched in anytime, anywhere access. Churches must, ....more
Anthony D. Coppedge 2022-10-20 General Worship
Compliance Disguised as Submission
In my vocational work on staff at three churches and in my non-vocational work for several companies, I have struggled to know when to submit myself to authority and when, well…not to do so. What I’ve learned is that I w....more
Anthony D. Coppedge 2022-10-11 General Worship
Anthony D. Coppedge
Anthony D. Coppedge 2003-10-09 General Worship
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