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By EXW Staff
December 12, 2022

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We are fueling the multi-screen movement The goal of TripleWide Media is to provide creative, quality and effective content for triple wide video walls, double wide videos walls, wide format edge blended screens, environmental projection, video stages and many other unique multi-screen applications. We hope to be your favorite resource for multi-screen by providing you the best stock footage available and inspiring you with behind the scenes details of some of the best multi-screen setups in today’s culture. Learn why we’re the leader in Multiscreen Media.

The Content

The stock footage and motion backgrounds from TripleWide Media is simply the best we can find. Our team hand picks every piece of media from the top 30 or so producers who are making triple wide video content and still images. Do you create fantastic media in an ultra wide aspect ratio? We’d love to see some of your stuff! Become a producer today.

Our Most Popular Blogs:

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5. Transforming Tip #3: Visual Backdrops.

Tools, Tips & Technology

Our content isn’t the only good thing about TWM, our team is dedicated to providing you a wealth of knowledge about the multi-screen movement. Every monday we post a new video as a part of the series called “Monday Mapping” where we show you the best Projection Mapping videos on the web in hopes to help inspire you with great ideas. Alongside Monday Mapping, we regularly post about modern uses of multi-screen, customers of ours (like American Idol) who have used TWM content in their setups and we make sure to educate those who are new to TripleWide how to make all this technology happen.

1 Purchase 3 Sizes

Most multi-screen users need single wide content as well. That’s exactly why we at TripleWide Media give you access to download the single wide, double wide and triple wide resolutions with every purchase, at no additional cost. Click on the link below for more information on our “1 Purchase 3 Sizes” philosophy and why we believe in it so much. Learn more here.

Environmental Projection

TripleWide Media is also the leader in content and media specifically designed for Environmental Projection in houses of worship. With a variety of training, tips and content to help you get started, You don’t need to go anywhere else for information on Environmental Projection than right here at TripleWide Media. Click here for an overview of Environmental Projection.

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