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A “Deep and Wide” Tech Ministry
I came across a blog post recently by Charles Stone in which he summed up five questions that should be asked a your next staff meeting based on Andy Stanley’s book “Deep and Wide” . This prompted me to think about wh....more
Van Metschke 2020-10-26 Sound Advice
Achieving a Good Mix for Worship
It’s relatively easy to teach someone how to use equipment, it’s more difficult to teach him or her how to critically listen to what they are doing and musically create a good mix. BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS Yearn to ....more
EXW Staff 2013-05-15 Sound Advice
Are You Ready for June 12, 2010?
My last article about analog wireless was a bit "gloom and doom". My mistrust of the FCC, special interest groups and our politicians grew as I watched the "game" play out over the last five plus years. In my mind, wir....more
Brent Handy 2010-09-13 Sound Advice
Audio Made Easy
Easy reading and a great help for the beginning and intermediate SoundTech. Written by a Christian, Ira White has come up with an easy to read and understand book on sound. Covering every area from digital recording to....more
EXW Staff 2011-11-20 Sound Advice
Audix D Elite Drum Package
Electronic drums, like Roland's V-Drums, have filled a niche in the church/ ministry band market for a few years now. They provide some diverse, arguably great, quality sounds, without generating allot of racket on stag....more
Brent Handy 2004-10-23 Sound Advice
Building Leaders
One of my passions is raising up young leaders, helping them to find not only their vocational gifts but also their God-given ministry gifts. I have had the honor to help raise up many young leaders in and out of the tec....more
Van Metschke 2020-05-11 Sound Advice
Can You Hear It?
Not many of us get exposure a large palette of microphones, to compare apples to apples. How would you like a chance to do that in a real-world environment...a church? This month I am doing exactly that. May 13th-17t....more
Brent Handy 2022-04-06 Sound Advice
CD Tips
In response to our "Planning to do a CD?" article, we have decided to share a few tips with you about making your own CD with your worship team. There are a ton of churches out who feel a need to make a CD of their musi....more
EXW Staff 2012-05-29 Sound Advice
Changing to Win
As my church heads into a season of change (an auditorium remodel, a name change, and a new website) I am brought back to the Bible’s views on changing the method but not the message. Change can be hard, but the rewards ....more
Van Metschke 2020-10-29 Sound Advice
I have no idea what it's like to be a sound tech in a large church.  The duties and responsibilities are endless each week.  So much to worry about in the way of making it all happen.  So much to rely on with power, mixi....more
Stephen M. Newman 2021-04-15 Sound Advice
Continuity is King
Have you ever been sitting in a service in which you are not serving and wondered, "Wow, this sounds much different than last Sunday"? Maybe you have noticed that some weeks the complaints about the sound are "It's too l....more
Van Metschke 2021-03-22 Sound Advice
Digital Consoles: The Perfect Volunteer
In today’s church, the most sought after “staff member” has got to be a trained volunteer. Can you remember the number of times you’ve had to run back and forth from the booth to the stage to adjust house and monitor lev....more
EXW Staff 2013-01-11 Sound Advice
Digital Juice
If you are into video at your church and need some professional backgrounds, check out the Jump Backs from Digital Juice. These Jump Backs will help make your videos look like the pro's. Their Jump Backs and other prod....more
EXW Staff 2021-12-13 Sound Advice
Divine Bass!
While touring, I am constantly looking and listening for the best products to use in church sound systems. Many contractors offer "Install" products. But frankly, many of them are sub par in my opinion. There are a few g....more
Brent Handy 2013-06-18 Sound Advice
Effective Effects
It is often tricky to find the best effects in a live venue like worship. When to use reverb and when to use delays can baffle the volunteer and even experienced sound tech. This article sheds some light light on w....more
EXW Staff 2013-08-08 Sound Advice
Extreme Event Checklist
If you are considering hosting an Extreme Concert for next year or planning an event of your own, the following timetable and promotional guidelines can maximize the impact and attendance of your event. Basic M....more
Leon Sievers 2021-07-29 Sound Advice
Hearing Test
There is a movement in the audio industry. Artists and engineers are taking a look at the cold hard Sound Pressure Level (SPL) facts. Most commercial events have loudness levels and exposure times exceeding OSHA's limi....more
Brent Handy 2020-03-30 Sound Advice
How Loud is your Church?
For more than 15 years I have made a living from my ears. As a studio and live sound engineer I have been exposed to damaging sound pressure levels. This is to be expected in the music world, but many churches operate....more
Leon Sievers 2020-04-28 Sound Advice
How to EQ Vocals
Vocal EQ work can make or break your mix. A solid vocal mix will capture the listener’s ear. Don’t think vocal mixing is hard. EQ vocals using these six easy steps. Oh, you might have one particular singer that has a dif....more
EXW Staff 2021-08-24 Sound Advice
Invest in People
I receive dozens of calls and email each week asking me to troubleshoot problems in church sound systems. Many of these problems can be attributed to inadequate equipment or training. Additional problems are due to a ....more
Leon Sievers 2022-03-10 Sound Advice
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