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By EXW Staff
April 21, 2016

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Critically lauded singer, songwriter, author and charismatic Catholic, Audrey Assad, joined Mike Bickle, Francis Chan, Matt Maher, Misty Edwards and more during the International House of Prayer of Kansas City’s (IHOPKC’s) annual Onething young adult conference held last December. A picture of what can be accomplished by worship leaders, speakers and ministries representing different faith traditions, this event celebrating Christian unity is captured in song on the album, Onething Live: Love Makes Us Strong, which released this week amidst acclaim from Forerunner Music, the official record label of IHOPKC.

Featured on the new recording are two songs by Assad that were led during the conference in front of 15,000+ worshipers in attendance and an estimated 500,000 participants via live broadcasts during the 4-day event. The first song is a brand new recording by Assad of “Even Unto Death,” which is also highlighted on Assad’s five-star acclaimed, No. 1 selling, Inheritance, released in February on Fortunate Fall Records with Tone Tree Music distribution. The track was written after Audrey heard of yet another martyrdom in the Middle East.

The second song by Assad on Love Makes Us Strong, “I Shall Not Want,” was covered on the recording by Forerunner Music artist Misty Edwards. These Assad songs, along with 11 more from Forerunner Music artists and members of IHOPKC’s worship team, make up the eighth live Onething album. Each song was carved from the 14th year-end Onething event, capturing the energetic atmosphere and vibrant worship of the conference.

“The unity of the Church is Jesus’ desire…and I know of lot Catholics who would say that what we are doing is dangerous and I agree, but I’m ready and willing to walk the line for the desire of Christ,” said Assad during the Catholic Ecumenical Track of the Onething conference.

While not featured on the recording, there were several special guest speakers, including acclaimed author and pastor, Francis Chan. During the conference, Chan asked from stage for those present to pray for him as he was sensing that the Holy Spirit was leading him to change the focus of the talk he had prepared. Following the silent prayer, Chan began reading 1 Corinthians 12 beginning in verse 21, a scripture about the unity and diversity of Christians.

“I wasn’t going to talk about this this morning, but during the worship time, I’m being led by Matt and Audrey whom I love dearly, and I’m so grateful for you Matt and Audrey…I thank you for patience with me and maybe my arrogance in some of the early days in thinking I knew everything and questioned some of the things that you did. I thank you for your grace, your love.

“You need to understand I come from a tradition that is very exclusive, and I think a lot of us do,” continues Chan. “The Lord has convicted me about this verse, verse 21, ‘The eye cannot say to the hand, I have no need of you.’ ...One part of the body can’t say to another part of the body, ‘I don’t need you’.”

Chan’s talk, as well as worship led by Assad and Maher, can be viewed in the compelling video footage at Toward the end of the video, Chan, Assad, Maher and Bickle (IHOPKC founder) embrace as the diverse leaders share a touching moment of unity in Christ.

Other notable speakers, guests and recording artists at the Onething gathering included Ronnie Floyd, Southern Baptist Convention president; Reinhard Bonnke, an international evangelist; Bishop Boris Borickeriskiy, the director of the Russian Evangelical Churches; Daniel Kolenda, president and CEO of Christ for the Nations; Sam Brownback, Governor of Kansas; and Steffany Gretzinger and Amanda Cook, Bethel Music artists.

In addition to her music on the new Onething recording, Assad’s Inheritance features a collection of hymns and original songs that both pay homage to her childhood heritage and to her Catholic faith and charismatic spirituality. The first single from the recording, “Holy, Holy, Holy,” is available for radio adds everywhere now and has been named No. 1 on’s “Top 10 Favorite Modern Versions of Hymns.” In addition to the single and “Even Unto Death,” Audrey’s Inheritance features “It Is Well With My Soul,” a special dedication to honor Audrey’s late grandmother, “Ubi Caritas” and “Be Thou My Vision,” all on YouTube as beautifully shot, nature inspired lyric videos. The full albumis available now at iTunes,, and physical retailers everywhere.

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