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July 05, 2005

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The Newsboys

Over the years we have witnessed a host of Christian bands that crossover into the arena of worship for one reason or another. Some do it well and others are merely capitalizing on the worship movement that has hit the world. It is a difficult task to combine worship and performance. Most groups and artists due a fair job of singing worship music but should probably keep to doing what they do best. Some are called to lead worship and others to use music to encourage others and ministry to them through it.

Of all the Christian bands that put out worship music, the Newsboys have to be at the top of the list. The passion and quality of lyrics and music make them a true worship band that does it all.

Adoration is a CD that is worth having for any purpose. If you need great worship for the car on the way to work or to use in your congregation worship, you will find this project to be of the highest quality. We are obviously huge fans of the Newsboys but more importantly are we impressed with their genuine heart for true worship and “no hold back” manner in which they give praise and glory to the Lord.

For more info or to order ADORATION, please CLICK HERE.

Songlist Includes:

He Reigns

You Are My King (Amazing Love)

Great Is Your Faithfulness

Take My Hands (Praises)


In Christ Alone

Lord (I Don't Know) (Live)

It Is You (Live)

Father, Blessed Father


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