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By EXW Staff
May 22, 2023

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Tanya Godsey

Singer-songwriter, speaker and worship leader Tanya Godsey, whose artistry occupies the space somewhere between the sincerity of Sara Groves and the passion of Bethel Music’s Steffany Gretzinger, independently releases her long-awaited, critically acclaimed and third full-length album, Love Lines The Last Horizon, Sept. 30. Four songs from the album are available now for immediate download with iTunes pre-order. There is also a special Love Lines The Last Horizon Deluxe Edition releasing today exclusively at and featuring stories behind some songs along with other bonus material.

In a culture caught up in a fury of differences, fear and uncertainty, Love Lines The Last Horizon, produced by Ben Shive (Colony House, Rend Collective, JJ Heller, Mercy Me), is Godsey’s story of perseverance in hardship, faith in the face of despair, emancipation from fear and the ultimate triumph of God's love.

“My greatest desire for this record is that it would serve as a tool for every listener as they press into their process with God, with others and the world around them,” says Godsey. “I hope more than anything they're reminded that there is no place the love of God cannot reach. When we’re too broken and weak to reach for Him, He is reaching, always reaching for us.”

Love Lines The Last Horizon releases on the heels of its first single and lyric video, “We Are Your Song,” which received 50,000+ views and hundreds of shares on Godsey’s Facebook page within the first 36 hours of its release. Born as an anthemic, celebratory answer to prayer, Godsey says, “‘We Are Your Song’ is my unapologetic protest to the darkness, the sadness and the injustice of this world. It is a soundtrack of celebration for those of us who need to be reminded that in the eyes of the Father we are loved, remembered and His.”

In the spirit of the song, Godsey has decided to donate the proceeds from the single to benefit the work of International Justice Mission (IJM). The single is also featured on the “New & Notable” Noisetrade sampler that similarly will benefit IJM.

In addition to the single, Love Lines The Last Horizon features Godsey singing of God's all-knowing presence and His power to infuse His love into both the light and the dark on the standout track “Wild Love.” The album also features the worshipful anthem “Foundation,” the hopeful “All Things Right” and the revelatory “Quiet Street." The song, "Watchmen," was inspired by Psalm 130:6 while “Worth The War” explores love as a worthy commitment and “A Beautiful World” shares the joy of new found freedom, chronicling the evening before Godsey was set to begin recording the new album:

"As a mother of two young children, I was accustomed to being abruptly awakened by a shake of the shoulder from a bad dream or a nagging cough. But in the wee hours of June 30th, 2015, I awoke to something I was not prepared for. I was startled by the sound of someone sobbing and pacing back and forth in the darkness of our bedroom."

She later describes those difficult shared moments with her husband as the unexpected and unlikely beginning of his dark and extended battle with depression and anxiety. 

While the framework for the album had previously been laid, these unanticipated events would reshape the trajectory of the record and further solidify Tanya's passion to deliver a message of unwavering hope. Tanya explains: "Instead of writing from a place of sorrow and grief, I had this need and this desire to write songs about hope, and I think I was preaching those truths to myself." (See a video of the story behind the making of the album at this link.)

The resulting recording and Godsey has been or will be featured in outlets like NewReleaseToday,
Focus on the Family’s The Boundless Show, CCM, Campus Crusade for Christ Radio, Pastor Resources, Leading Hearts, Soul 2 Soul,, HearItFirst, Christian Musician, The Christian Manifesto and more.

“Tanya Godsey’s new project Love Lines the Last Horizon is a pleasant surprise - deep, beautiful and grown up. As a radio show host I’m drawn to artists who take the road less traveled, and Tanya’s record is definitely a journey I encourage you to take,” says Andy Chrisman, Worship with Andy Chrisman host and Church on the Move Worship Pastor.

Producer Shive says, the album is “a brave work from a great artist,” while The Phantom Tollbooth lauds, “It’s everything that a work of art by a Christian should be. It’s not only honest, but creative and has the power to move deeply… it’s one of the best recordings of the year.” The Christian Beat says, “With these strong, thought provoking lyrics and the artistic instrumentation, Love Lines The Last Horizon is an impressive release.”

The full, Love Lines The Last Horizon track listing follows:

01. Wild Love
02. All Things Right
03. Watchmen
04. We Are Your Song
05. Quiet Street
06. The Same Sun
07. Beautiful World
08. Worth The War
09. Anywhere You Are
10. Foundation
11. Open Hands

Taking the new songs and experiences on the road to connect with audiences nationwide, Godsey has launched a 16-city, multi-state tour across the US. The tour is underway now and runs through Nov. 6.

For all the latest Tanya Godsey news, tour dates and more, go to, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Vimeo.

About Tanya Godsey:
Award-winning singer-songwriter Tanya Godsey has recorded two widely acclaimed, full-length albums (Telling Time (2011), Nothing Less Than Everything (2009)), taken home the AGMA (Gospel Music Association) International CCM Song of the Year award and shared her music across the country on tour. Called to offer biblically inspired hope and truth that connects deeply within the heart of the listener, Godsey will release her third recording, Love Lines The Last Horizon, collaborating again with noted producer Ben Shive, who produced her self-penned 2014 Christmas Single, "In One," which was heard on KLTY (Dallas) and numerous stations across the country. Godsey was born and raised in Dallas, TX and currently resides with her husband, Jake, and two young children in Murfreesboro, TN.

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