The Power Of Mobile Apps In Worship

By EXW Staff
November 29, 2022

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by Jason Roberts

“We really need to catch up with the times!” Maybe you’ve found yourself saying this when it comes to bringing your worship and production team into the 21st century. In a world where gadgets and gizmos are becoming such an integrated part of how we live, play, and work, it can be quite challenging and outright overwhelming to know what to do or where to start. As a worship leader who had to get adjusted to using software programs and other hardware in worship, I was feeling a bit in over my head. The thought of how much time it would take to learn and implement these tools in worship was overwhelming. Little did I know that something so simple and powerful was available to worship leaders!

Mobile Device on Stage
Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have made wonderful advances and have made our lives much easier. Think about it - you have more computing power in your pocket than what put a man on the moon! One app that I particularly love is called PRIME. PRIME is a free playback app that worship teams can use to play along with or use as a last-resort solution for a missing band member. PRIME is a modern version of accompaniment tracks. This difference here is that each instrument can be muted or edited within each song. For those small churches and large churches alike that are using tracks in worship, this is a great option that is relatively inexpensive. By inexpensive, I mean FREE. Who doesn’t like free?

How can I use PRIME?
Once you have downloaded PRIME to your iPad or iPhone, songs that you’ve purchased from will automatically be available right in the app! You can create setlists, change keys and tempos, even jump around within the song or loop a certain section over again to give spontaneity and freedom to your worship service. What’s more is that PRIME also accepts custom uploads that you have written/arranged. I’ve been able to create my own versions of great worship songs and upload them straight to PRIME to use in my church. It’s been a real blessing and has pushed me to be a better musician!

Where do the tracks come from?
Tracks (also sometimes called Loops, Backing Tracks, Stems, MultiTracks) are what you are playing along with in PRIME. There are really great companies that sell and distribute these tracks, one of which being Loop Community is a great resource that sells the original master tracks straight from the recording artist as well as from a community of users who upload their arranged recordings of popular tracks. Modern worship, gospel, and latin tracks are just some of the genres to choose from, and new content is being added daily. You can also upload your own created tracks and sell them on Loop Community if you’d like!

What do you need to run tracks in PRIME?
Since PRIME only runs on Apple’s mobile iOS, you’ll need to have either an iPhone, iPod, or iPad to run the app. The most popular device to use is the iPad due to the size of the screen and availability to see the sections and loop around within the song, but the iPhone and iPod devices work well too. You’ll also need an account with (free to sign-up), so that you can see which tracks you would like to preview before you purchase to use in the app. The headphone jack makes it easy to connect PRIME to your sound system. The Click is panned left and all the tracks are panned Right. Check out this diagram on

Bottom Line
If you’re new to using tracks in worship and want to start using them, check out the free app called PRIME in the App Store and start using it today! You get a free song in the App that you can play with. If you need more training or have any questions, you can always check out the training videos on the Loop Community YouTube channel or just email and they’ll be readily available to help you get plugged in. Even though there are many tech avenues you can get into, PRIME and are an easy way to start your church on the simple path to using tracks in worship. You’ll be amazed how much better your band sounds by adding technology to your stage.

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