The Price

By Stephen M. Newman
Founder, and Author of Experiencing Worship
September 27, 2022

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While on this Earth

Today is a sad day in the flesh. I missed my Dad's 80th birthday this weekend. You see, I live in Texas and he in Hawaii. A long way to go to celebrate during this time of year for a Worship Pastor. He is an amazing man and my inspiration in ministry. He is the best Pastor I know. Although I will never have his heart for people, I have always strived to be who he is in Christ.

Yesterday my amazing mother had a surprise birthday party for him. She spent months planning and did a great job of keeping it a secret from Dad. He was surprised beyond belief to say the least. The videos were amazing capturing the real-time reactions of him. Great speeches from his sons that would make any father proud. Mom did an awesome job! I was fortunate to receive two videos from my brothers of the celebration. Tears flowed as I witnessed the things I only wish I could have experienced in person. This is an event that will never be duplicated. Our men never live in their 80's. This was a true blessing that I missed out on.

I sent a text to my brothers which read the following, "So sad I missed Dad's big day. I wish more than anything I could have been there. I made a choice many years ago to serve the Lord where He called me to serve. I knew that meant being away form the people I love the most, my family. It's a tough road here on this earth, but, I hope we can spend eternity together catching up on all the lost times and great memories I missed out on. Thanks for being good son's to our Dad".

I hope this is an encouragement to all who have made the choice to follow Christ despite the earthly pain it may cause. I've missed out on a lot of family events throughout the years. Birthdays, retirements, marriages, graduations, births of nieces and nephews. You name it I have missed it, the things that families celebrate.

This brings me to the theme of this article. I cannot imagine the Son of God, who would leave heaven to come down to this earth, away from his Father, all He knew, all things that may have been comfortable to Him, to pay the ultimate price for my sin. Beaten and tortured, bled on a cross, the most cruel way to die, for my sin. Me! Wow!

As I reflect, although the pain is still there for missing my Dad's big day, I realize it compares to nothing that our heavenly Father felt on that day we call "Good Friday'. It was good, but, only for us and His plan for mankind.

My price is very small, although it hurts, compared to the ultimate price paid for my foolish sin. If there is anything worth celebrating this time of year, it is in the blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ...the ultimate sacrifice of self. My earthly father would agree.

My prayer this Easter season is that you would invite every neighbor, every friend, every family member who does not know Jesus as their personal Savior, to your church. To hear the good news of Jesus. To hear of His resurrection power. To see why people forsake all for the Kingdom of God. To hear why the Son of God gave His very life for you and for me. The things we forsake for the Kingdom do not compare to what He gave. Come experience that gift this Easter season. You don't have to miss out on it.

Stephen M. Newman
Founder, and Author of Experiencing Worship
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