The Comfy Christian

By Dave Marsh
May 10, 2011

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A drama about being comfortable and losing priorities

Director's Notes:
This is another drama about misplaced priorities. It's easy to put things in front of what God has for us. In this case, it's comfort (always a tough one for me!) When it comes to Lordship, it's more than just "Time, Treasure and Talent" - it can be anything that keeps us from being available to the Lord.

Dave: A guy with his priorities out of whack
Teri: Dave's wife
John: Dave's buddy

a couch

A family room

(LIGHTS UP CENTER STAGE with Dave and John sleeping on a couch watching football. Teri comes home from church with coat on and all)

Teri: (shaking head) Unbelievable. (walks over and kicks John in the leg waking him up) Ok, John, time to go home.

John: Huh? Wha?

Teri: Yep. Time to go home.

John: Is the game over?

Teri: (saying anything to get him to leave) Uh, yeah. It’s over.

John: (still out of it) Did the Eagles win?

Teri: Sure. They won.

John: What was the score?

Teri: I don’t know. (makes something up) 100 to nothing. See ya John. (as she pushes him out)

John: Ok. Bye. (off he goes)

Teri: (looks back at Dave and sighs) Okay, honey. Time to wake up.

Dave: Huh? Oh. Hey. (looks around) Where’s John?

Teri: I kicked him out.

Dave: Ah. (thought strikes him) Is it because you are feeling romantic???

Teri: (rolls eyes) Pleeeease.

Dave: Oh well. (looks at her) How was church?

Teri: It was really good. You should have gone you know.

Dave: Yeah. It was just such a long week and I needed to rest.

Teri: That 4 hour nap yesterday didn’t cut it, eh?

Dave: (sarcastic) Funny. (Goes back to watching the game)

Teri: You know, I was talking with Chris today and he was telling me that he wanted to come to your small group.

Dave: (watching game) Oh yeah. Cool.

Teri: He also wanted to know where to start reading in his Bible.

Dave: uh huh…

Teri: I told him you would call him and talk with him.

Dave: uh huh…

Teri: (looks at him for a few beats) I think I’ll give him a call and you can talk to him.

Dave: mmm…

Teri: (dials phone) Chris, it’s Teri. Dave’s here. Hold on. (hands phone to Dave who takes it without his eyes leaving the TV.)

Dave: Hello? Oh hey, Chris. Uh huh. Uh huh. Read the book of John…. Oh you have? Okay, read the whole old Testament. I gotta go. Bye. (Hands phone back to wife.)

Teri: Well, that was encouraging.

Dave: Cool. Thanks.

Teri: (shakes head) I didn’t mean… ugh…Anyway, I was looking through the worship folder and that work and witness team is coming in to help with finishing the building. I signed up to do lunches. I thought maybe you would help out to.

Dave: Can’t.

Teri: Really? Why not?

Dave: Stuff going on.

Teri: Like…?

Dave: I’m not really sure. But I know I have lots of stuff going on.

Teri: Which day?

Dave: (looks at her) Whatever day they are here.

Teri: (gritting teeth and looking at him) They’re here for 2 days.

Dave: (Gritting teeth right back) Right. 2 days. Lots and lots of stuff.

Teri: Whatever. (starts to leave) Oh, and don’t forget I’m going out with my Mom’s group on Friday for a shopping night out.

Dave: (still watching football) Right. Ok. The kids will have fun.

Teri: Uh. Hello? You will be watching the kids remember?

Dave: (looks at her and panics) Me? Watch the kids? BY MYSELF?

Teri: Yeah. I do it every day.

Dave: But what will I do with them? Do I have to feed them? What will… (stops and thinks) Actually, that’s ok.

Teri: Uh oh. What are you planning???

Dave: I’ll just rent a couple of videos and they’ll be fine.

Teri: Videos?

Dave: Yeah. Popcorn is ok for dinner, right?

Teri: Dave, what is wrong with you lately. It seems that you are more interested in taking naps, watching football, and listening to that awful Johnny Mathis…

Dave: Hey! One day Johnny Mathis is going to die and you’re gonna say “He was fabulous – I’ve listened to him for years…”

Teri: Whatever. (Dave starts to nod off to sleep again as Teri delivers this speech walking around him, not really looking at him) All I’m saying is that it feels like you’re just interested in your own comfort level. I mean I know that you are a good Christian man but lately all you care about is doing your own stuff. I mean, I think your priorities are a bit out of….(notices he is asleep)… whack.

Teri: Dave? Dave? (Teri takes the remote from his hand and turns off the T.V.) She walks off the stage, shaking her head as the lights slowly fade…


© 2004 Dave Marsh

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