A Boy Named Biff

By Dave Marsh
July 19, 2011

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A drama about Witnessing

Director's Notes:
Telling others about Christ is the Great Commission. We all know that but sometimes we need to be reminded that He has wired us all up a little different when it comes to sharing our faith. This drama shows that depending on who we are, there is a way that we can effectively tell others about Christ.

Oh, sorry about the pun at the end. I couldn't help myself. :)

Dave: A dad
Amanda: Dave's daughter

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School Gym

(Lights up. Amanda and dad are walking in to a gym and sit downÖ)

Amanda: Thanks for driving me to practice, Dad.

Dad: No problem Honey. Sorry we got here so early. I know how bored you get sitting with me.

Amanda: Dad! I love hanging out with you!

Dad: I know. Iím just teasing you, honey.

Amanda: Actually, I wanted to talk to you about something.

Dad: Uh oh. I thought your mother already had that talk with you when you were 10!

Amanda: Not THAT, Dad! Itís about Biff.

Dad: Whoís Biff?

Amanda: Dad! Heís just he boy Iíve been dating for 6 months now.

Dad: Oh yeah, that Biff. Itís just that Ö what kind of name is Biff? It sounds like a fabric softener. Why canít he have a name like Butch or Spike?

Amanda: So, you want me to date a guy named Spike?

Dad: Er, Biffís a good name. I like Biff.

Amanda: I thought youíd see it my way.

Dad: So, whatís the problem? Iíll solve it for you. After all, I have a Masters in Psychology.

Amanda: Yes, I know. Youíve told me a million times. Itís actually more of a relational problem.

Dad: Ok, shoot.

Amanda: Well, like I said, weíve been dating for 6 months and Iíve decided itís time I shared something special with him.

Dad: What?!?! Honey, listen, you are too young and I want you to wait until your married andÖ

Amanda: Dad. Dad! DAD! Itís not THAT! I mean my faith.

Dad: Oh, heh. Yeah, thatís what I thought.

Amanda: So, Iím not sure how I go about doing it.

Dad: Well, have you thought about the direct approach and just go up to him and say ďHiya, Biff. Jesus died for you and loves you and if you continue to reject Him, you are going to go to Hell?Ē Okay, maybe not THAT direct.

Amanda: Yeah, well, thatís just not me.

Dad: What about bringing up the subject and ask him about his opinions and then reason with him intellectually, you know, show the evidence behind your faith.

Amanda: Dad, itís me, Amanda. Remember? Jason is the brainiac in the family, not me.

Dad: Oh, yeah, right. Well, why donít you try this? Do nice things for him.

Amanda: What?

Dad: Do nice things for him. Serve him. Let him see that you are different. And when he asks why, tell him Ė maybe share your testimony.

Amanda: Hey, thatís a good idea. I can do that. Thanks Dad.

Dad: No problem, honey. Anything else I can do for you?

Amanda: Not unless you can help our cheerleading squad come up with some new kicks.

Dad: Oh, Ok. How about this one (Does a kick and yells Go Golden Dogs!)

Amanda: Actually, thatís pretty cool. Weíll have to try that. I gotta go. Cya Dad and thanks!

Dad: Bye honey. (starts to walk off and stops and says to himself) Heh. I guess you can teach a gold dog new kicksÖ


© 2004 Dave Marsh

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