Wisdom Sold Seperately

By Dave Marsh
March 20, 2012

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A drama about seeking and finding wisdom

Director's Notes:
The book of James says that if we ask God for wisdom, He will gladly give it. He will supply us with all the wisdom we need. The question is: Whether we know God or not, where do we go to find true wisdom? Universities, books, newspapers, the Bible, friends, the Internet, etc? God will speak to us in prayer and meditation through His Spirit (which whispers to our spirit), through other believers, through circumstances, and, obviously through the Bible.

This drama focuses on our vain attempts to find wisdom and while it's over the top (no surprise there!), it gets the point across. Also, the part about memorizing scripture could be misinterpreted so let me explain. Many people associate wisdom with knowledge. They are not necessarily related. Many wise men and women never know true wisdom because they don't ask God for it. As Christians, we need to be careful not to just read the Bible and memorize it but study it and ask God to give us the wisdom to interpret and apply it to our lives.

Again, the drama is a bit extreme but 1) it's fun, 2) it can be a follow-up drama to "Swoosh", and 3) I like to write 'em this way :)


Jim: Searching for wisdom any where he can get it

Tracy: Jim's wife



Laundry basket

Lots of clothes

5 bibles (hint: you can read the scripture from here instead of memorizing it)

A newspaper (hint: you can read the newspaper article instead of memorizing it)

A laptop (hint: you can r... okay, you get the idea :)

Family Room

(LIGHTS UP CENTER STAGE where Jim has headphones on and is pouring through different Bibles, laptop open, etc. Tracy enters with the laundry basket...)

Tracy: (carrying a basket of laundry) Jim, honey, could you please hand me those clothes? (The clothes are right by him Ė Tracy continues to pick up other clothes on the other side of the stage) I swear, I feel like Alice from the Brady Bunch more and more each day.

Tracy: Jim? Jim, did you hear me? (heís oblivious) Jim! (sees that heís not listening to her, she puts down the basket and pulls the headphones off his right ear) JIM!

Jim: Wha? Huh? Oh, yes, itís good to see you, woman of God.

Tracy: What?

Jim: Did you come here seeking wisdom like that written in Proverbs 31:10-12? ďWho can find a virtuous wife? For her worth is far above rubies. The heart of her husband safely trusts her; So he will have no lack of gain. She does him good and not evil all the days of her life.Ē

Tracy: Um, no. I came here seeking your dirty socks.

Jim: Ah. Then socks you shall have for it is written ďShe seeks wool and flax, and willingly works with her hands. Proverbs 31:13Ē

Tracy: Youíre very strange, Jim.

Jim: Yes. But wise donít you think?

Tracy: Wise? Ohhhh. Okay. Is that what this is all about? (motions at the stuff)

Jim: Of course! Donít you remember that dressing up like Andre Agassi fiasco with my sister a couple of weeks ago? She told me that I didnít have to imitate him but needed to look to a higher power. And thatís just what Iím doing!

Tracy: Hence the bibles.

Jim: Of course. I need wisdom if Iím going to truly know who God is. And where better to find it that in the Bible!

Tracy: Hence all the quotes.

Jim: Exactly, in fact, Iíve memorized the entire book of Lamentations. Do you want me to recite it?

Tracy: Uh, no. Thatís okay. I think Iím lamenting enough already as it is. I think finding wisdom is more that memorizing verses. I mean, do you know what they mean? Jim? Jim?

Jim: Hmmm (Doesnít hear her because heís gone back to studying. This time in the paper).

Tracy: (shakes her head) What are you doing?

Jim: Searching the newspaper for wisdom.

Tracy: Oh, right. Good Olí Beetle Bailey is loaded with it. (sarcastic)

Jim: Very funny. No, Iím looking for wisdom here. (Closes eyes and drops his finger on the page.)

Tracy: Look Jim...

Jim: Shhh. Hold on. Okay, here it is! Listen to this. Mondayís weather: Sunny and very hot. High near 100! (looks at Tracy) Did you hear that? Itís just like what God says in the book of Revelation, Chapter 16, vs. 9 ďThen the fourth angel poured out his bowl on the sun, and power was given to him to scorch men with fire!Ē See that? Thatís called wisdom!

Tracy: Thatís called August in Virginia!

Jim: Oh, well, maybe. But look at this! (points to his laptop) Remember that movie ďThe Omega Code?Ē

Tracy: Yeah.

Jim: Well, the Internet is a great source of wisdom. I found a program that goes through every Christian book, message, and song and alphabetizes them, cross-references them, removes every other consonant and every third vowel, and finds secret hidden meanings when read backwards.

Tracy: Lovely.

Jim: (hits a final key) And here is the answer Iíve been waiting for! MOW THE LAWN OF THE LORD!

Tracy: Mow the lawn of the Lord?

Jim: Yes, yes. Donít you see? Itís a sign.

Tracy: (Picks up her laundry basket) Itís a sign, all right. A sign youíre losing your mind. (picks up a few more clothes and leaves)

Jim: Wait, honey! Come back. Donít you see? The lawn of the Lord must be mowed. God helps those who mow themselves! WHAT A MAN MOWS, HE WILL ALSO REAP!!!



(c) 2000 Dave Marsh

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