The Hike

By Dave Marsh
May 27, 2011

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A drama about following God for the long run

Director's Notes:
When we become Christians, we say "Take my life, Lord." We then enter an exciting journey, walking down the narrow road. Unfortunately, it's easy to become comfortable at some bend in that road and decide that this is far enough for now. I wrote this drama to make a point that we need to finish this hike we're on - like we said we would. Why do we settle for the base of the mountain when it's far more wonderful above the treeline?

John: A hiker that wants to follow God for the long run
Ray: A hiker that is comfortable where he is

Backpacks, sleeping bags, etc.
Appropriate hiking gear
A scenic picture of a mountain (if you have a screen to display it on. Need one? Email me.)
A piece of paper (page 2 of the script works!)

The camp site at the base of a mountain
(LIGHTS UP CENTER STAGE where Ray is lying on his back, eyes closed, head
propped up on his sleeping bag.)

John: (comes walking up) Hey Ray. Letís get a move on.

John: Ray? Hey Ray! (kicks him).

Ray: What?

John: I said, letís get going. I think we can make the timberline before nightfall.

Ray: I donít think so.

John: Why not?

Ray: Cause Iím not going.

John: What do you mean? We have to finish the hike.

Ray: YOU finish the hike. Iím done.

John: Youíre done?

Ray: Yeah. Done. Finished. Over. Hello???

John: You canít be done. Weíve only just made it to the base.

Ray: Look John, I have everything I need right here. I donít need to go any further. Besides, have you seen that trail?

John: Yeah. So?

Ray: So? Man, I donít think Iíve ever seen a trail so narrow. Not to mention how steep and rocky it is.

John: Hey, címon Ray. This was part of the deal remember. When we started this journey we said that weíd finish it no matter what.

Ray: No, you címon. Look around you John. This place is great. (reaches into his backpack) Here.

John: Whatís this?

Ray: Itís a list of PROS why we should stay here.

John: These are youíre PROS? Okay, letís go through them.

Ray: Fine, go ahead.

John: Fresh Air?

Ray: Yeah, beautiful skies, donít you think?

John: Food and water?

Ray: Got me a well over there and a couple acres of fruit trees over there.

John: Good fellowship?

Ray: Yeah, have you seen that girl that lives just down the road?

John: Okay Ray, right now it might seem that all this is fine. It might actually look better than fine. But what are you gonna do when it starts to storm? Where you gonna go? And what happens when your well goes dry or when the winter comes and thereís no fruit on the trees? Or when you take your shoes off and that girl getís a whiff of the real you?

Ray: Hey!

John: You think the air is fresh here? Just wait until you get above the clouds. You think this water tastes good? Try drinking out of clear, mountain streams. You lookin for fellowship? Well, you havenít had fellowship until youíve been up on the mountain.

John: So, you comin?

Ray: (nothing)

John: You wanna stay here? Fine. Iím finishing the hike. Looks like a list of Cons to me, Ray. (drops it in Raysí lap)

Ray: (Looks at the list and at John as LIGHTS FADE...)


(c) 1999 Dave Marsh

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