Stickey Situation

By Dave Marsh
May 22, 2011

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A drama about Lordship

Director's Notes:
Every now and then I wear a rubber band around my wrist that reminds me of something I need to do. I thought, "what if someone had something on them to remind them of stuff they've given (and need to continue to give) to God?"

Of course, I took this to the extreme...

Dave: An average Joe.
Tina: Dave's wife who is trying to practice Lordship

Lots of yellow 'Post-its'
A list (could be page 2 of the script)

A family room
LIGHTS UP CENTER STAGE where Dave comes walking in looking for his wife.)

Dave: Tina? Tina? Come on, weíre gonna be late. You know how your rents get when we donít show up on time. TINA?

Tina: (Tina enters, her clothes covered in Post-its) Okay, Iím ready to go!

Dave: (Looks at her, speechless)

Tina: What?!

Dave: (canít come up with the words then finally blurts outÖ) What do you mean, "what?" Look at you?

Tina: What, (looks around) Oh, my goodness, youíre right! I have two different colored socks on! Oh, I gotta go change!

Dave: No, not the socks! Look at you, you look like some nightmare from a Staples commercial!

Tina: Oh, you mean these?!?

Dave: Yes! Those! You canít leave the house with those onÖ thoseÖ?

Tina: Thereís called Post-its, Dave.

Dave: I know what theyíre called, darling, I just want to know why for Godís sake you have them stuck all over your body.

Tina: Exactly!

Dave: Exactly what?

Tina: Iím doing this for Godís sake.

Dave: Um, come again?

Tina: Okay, well, at church weíve been learning about Lordship and Iíve decided to get practical about it.

Dave: Yeah, practically losing your mindÖ Whatís on these anyway? (takes one off her). "My car?"

Tina: Yes. My car. I want to make sure that God is Lord of my possessions.

Dave: You want God to be the Lord of your car?

Tina: Yeah. Look, Dave, donít you get it? If we call God our Lord, he has to be Lord in all or not Lord at all. (nods head) I heard that at church.

Dave: And all those Post-itís are things youíre giving over to Godís Lordship?

Tina: Yes. I have a list. Want to help me check them off? (pulls out a list)

Dave: Check them off?

Tina: Yeah, you know, accountability.

Dave: Sure... (take list and looks at it). Whew, this is a lot of stuff.

Tina: Yeah. I mean, I really want to practice Lordship.

Dave: (Takes a step back and looks at her and her sincerity) Okay hon. It wouldnít have been the way I would have gone about it but I appreciate your desire. Ready?

Tina: Ready. (Getís ready to start taking them off her clothes)

Dave: Okay, here we goÖ (As Dave reads these, Tina says Ďcheckí and takes a Post-it off.)
1.Job (check)
2.Diet (check)
3.Finances (check)
4.Personal time (check)
5.Marriage (check)
6.Car (check)
7.Artistic ability (check)
8.Past (check)
9.Present (check)
10.Future (check)
11.Pride (check)
12.Kids (check)
13.Relationship with dadÖ

Tina: CheÖ. (looks around) Wait a minute. Thatís not on the list.

Dave: I know. (long pause)

Tina: (drops the Post-itís to the ground)

Dave: (Starts picking them up) Hey, look Hon. I didnít bring that up to make you feel bad. Itís just that if youíre gonna be serious about this lordship thing, then you need to at least try working on the relationship with your dad. Iíll tell you whatÖ why donít we talk about this in the car, okay? Weíll get some ice cream or something on the way.

Tina: Yeah, okay.

Dave: (Dave puts his arm around her and they walk off) Good thing you didnít use the stapler huh?

Tina: (She elbows him and smiles as they walk through the door.)



(c) 1998 Dave Marsh

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