Being a Worship Leader - 1

By John A. White, Contributing Writer
June 08, 2017

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The Gift of Leadership


What does it mean to be a worship leader? Many articles on the subject address musical, spiritual and technical issues involved in worship. In preparation for classes and seminars that I have taught, I've come to realize that these articles address only half the equation. While worship is important, leadership is equally important. The next four articles I submit will focus on leadership. They are entitled "The Gift of Leadership", "Biblical Leadership Models", "The Maturing Christian Leader" and "Leader Emergence."

Included are some questions that are intended to reinforce the major points of each section. I suggest that you spend some dedicated time before the Lord in prayer, mediation and soul searching to answer these questions as thoroughly and accurately as possible. If you don't have a good answer, continue in an attitude of prayerful waiting until you have your answer. It is my prayer that understanding God's call to leadership will help you become more effective as a worship leader. John White

A leader is someone you will follow to a place you wouldn't go yourself.
Joel A. Barker

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