Praise and Affliction

By Donna Patrick, Contributing Writer
February 15, 2012

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In our title you may wonder why I would couple these two terms together. "Praise" and "thanksgiving" coupled together makes sense. "Praise" and "worship" go well together, as we all know. Even "praise" and "rejoicing" are a logical set. But "praise" and "affliction"? Well, let's see. Affliction can be defined as any situation or circumstance that produces suffering or pain, whether it be physical or otherwise. As Isaiah prophesied Jesus' suffering in Chapter 53 of his book (v4), we read that Jesus was "smitten of God and afflicted". But in the very next verse it says "and with His stripes we are healed". Paul tells us in Ephesians 2:13 that we are brought near to God through Jesus' shed blood. Ephesians Chapter 1 speaks clearly of our adoption, inheritance, redemption, and forgiveness all because of Jesus' affliction. Romans 8:17 teaches us we are heirs with God, and joint heirs with Christ. Jesus' affliction produced for us salvation, heirship, anointing, healing and many other rights that I don't have space to cover in this devotional.

So just maybe there is something about our own personal affliction that we ought not run from. We don't like affliction in whatever form it takes because it's painful. No matter how big your Bible is, suffering and pain is a part of our Christian experience, along with the joys and victories. But while we may not praise Him for the affliction, you'd better go ahead and praise Him in it. Remember the Word says, "Many. . .but the Lord. . ."

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