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By Stephen M. Newman, Founder, ExperiencingWorship.com & Author of Experiencing Worship
August 06, 2006

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Introduction to Study

It appears that the continuing struggle in the area of worship in our churches will continue for some time. When I ask myself what is the root of the problem, I come up with two answers. First, people do not worship not because they do not want to but because they don't understand it. We have seen that when we take the time to teach people Biblical worship, they walk away worshipers. Second, people who are not sold out to God, who do not have a vibrant ongoing relationship with Him, will never be true worshipers. This study will attempt to help us in our efforts to better understand these two answer, and to dig into what the Bible says about worship and the place it has in the contemporary church, or today's church.

If you have read or gone through the study entitled "Experiencing God", you know that there is more to the Christian life than just going to church on Sundays. You know that there is more than just praying once in a while when you need something from the Lord. Henry Blackaby, in this wonderful study, gives us seven basic steps that are needed to experience God in the way that He intended us to know Him. This is a great study for the Christian who truly desires to be all that God would have him be! If you desire to deepen your walk with the Lord and experience Him and all that He has for your life, I encourage you to take the time to go through "Experiencing God."

While worship is a part of our relationship and growth as Christians, it becomes the medium to which all other areas of our Christian life line up. Without worship, ones prayer time becomes one sided. We become receivers and not givers. Always asking for something instead of giving. Worship stems from that intimate time spent with the Lord. It is the time when we give to the Lord through our singing, praise, and declaring His holiness.

It is the time when we give to the Lord through our singing, praise, and declaring His holiness. It is more than a life of prayer and Bible study. It is more than a quiet time together with the Lord. Worship is what comes out of an understanding and realization of who God is, and what He means to us personally as Savior and Lord. Part of our quiet times together with the Lord needs to be filled with worship. Give praise to the Lord for what He has done in our lives and for who He is. Worship is a wonderful thing, and becoming a worshiper is what God created us to be.

Let me state upfront that this study does not present itself to be a complete guide to worship. It does not attempt to explain in full all there is to know about worship. It is merely an introduction to praise and worship and is meant to help people begin to understand true biblical worship, and to help them become true worshipers.

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Stephen M. Newman, Founder, ExperiencingWorship.com & Author of Experiencing Worship
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