3 Ingredients for True Worship

By Russell Henderson, Contributing Writer
September 10, 2013

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#3: Obedience

So far in this study we have looked at two ingredients that are vital to the life of a worshiper—humility and faith. If either of these are missing from worship, then I believe we have not entered into true worship the way God has designed it. The final ingredient we are going to look at is obedience.

Obedience, if you will, is the icing on the cake. Obedience is the key that finalizes our worship. We cannot come to God unless we have first humbled ourselves. Then as we enter His presence He will begin to speak to us, and we must make the decision to believe Him or not. But all of that is in vain, if we do not put it into action through obedience.

Now as you have been reading these articles, I suspect that some of you may have become a little frustrated. You've probably felt that I am trying to make the act of worship more difficult than it should be. I am not trying to make it difficult, I just want you to understand that when we make the choice to worship, there are some things that God requires of us. Remember that in the days of the Tabernacle only one person, the high priest, was allowed into the Holy of Holies. Why? Because he was the one that was totally clean, and he was the one that was bringing the pure sacrifice before the mercy seat.

Obedience is simply our faith in action. James put it best in James chapter 2 by saying that faith without works is 100% dead. And lo and behold he begins to talk about Abraham.

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