Performing Plague

By Stephen M. Newman, Founder, & Author of Experiencing Worship
June 24, 2012

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If you are human, then you probably deal with a little ego. We as musicians tend to enjoy playing our music for others. We like to showcase our talents to those who will listen. What better place for the Christian than the church. If you struggle with performing over worshiping, you are not alone.

As musicians, there is an something inside of us that loves to perform. Few will admit it. We camouflage it with words like ministry and worship. We want to believe that we use our music for ministry sake. We want to know that our music and presentation is for God and God alone. If the truth be told, we do enjoy making good music for people to enjoy. We carry our baggage from years past...when we use to perform for people and not God.

If you struggle with this, share with us your methods of dealing with it. You don't have to sit long in a church to point out the performers. Help us by sharing ways of dealing with this struggle that plagues the church musician.

Tip 1: Perform to God and not man. This is merely changing the audience from man to God. Worship is not about man. It's only a tool to help lead. It's changing the focus of who we are singing and playing to.

Let us hear from you.

Stephen M. Newman, Founder, & Author of Experiencing Worship
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