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By Dave Marsh, Contributor
June 09, 2016

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Hello and welcome to Stage
Right, the online drama ministry of EXW. My name is Dave Marsh and there
are a few things you should probably know about me. First, I'm not a ‘theatre
guy.' I've never quoted Shakespeare (at least seriously), and I've never
played Daddy Warbucks in Annie. Second, I received my ‘training' in writing,
directing, and acting at a church called Willow Creek (in Illinois.) Third,
I'm an online games producer by trade but my real passion is found in telling
others about Christ through contemporary church drama

I have a few opinions about
drama in the church as well. I think that contemporary drama is both underutilized
and misunderstood. I believe it is something like 5-10 years behind contemporary
worship. When many churches think about using drama, it usually involves
the Passion Play or a children's Christmas musical. Many people don't have
the opportunity to experience what are called ‘slice of life' dramas. These
dramas may last only 3-4 minutes long but create a powerful (and many times
humorous) illustration on any given Sunday. I also believe that any church,
no matter what size, can use drama effectively, giving God glory, and inspire/convict
normal folks like you and I to walk closer to God

So, what's Stage Right all
about? It's about offering you the advice and resources you need to help
you create and act in contemporary Christian dramas. I'm no expert, but
I've seen lives changed as I continue to strive for excellence in this
area, constantly praying that God would use me to tell others about how
to live for Him. Over the coming weeks and months, I hope to provide you
with articles about creating a drama philosophy, working with your pastor,
developing a team, writing short effective scripts, directing actors, and
acting on stage. I also look forward to hearing from you, taking suggestions
on topics that you feel should be covered

Over the last 3 years, I've
written over 45 dramas that are easy to memorize, require few actors, and
are highly humorous and relevant. These dramas are available to you for
free and will be added to this site over the course of the next few months.
You can currently download all of these dramas from my personal site (
and can contact me personally if you wish (dave@experiencingworshipcom).

I look forward to serving
you here at EXW and want to thank Steve for asking me to jump on board.

In His hands

Dave Marsh

Youth Pastor MD Non-Denominational
Children's Ministry Director MO Evangelical Free
Executive Pastor BC Baptist - Other
Director of Worship and Creative Communications IL Non-Denominational
Director, Music Ministries MI Episcopal
Worship Pastor IA United Methodist
Director of Ministries other Non-Denominational
Pastor IN Baptist - Other
Worship Pastor TX Non-Denominational
Gold Star Listing Youth/Children's Pastor VA Assembly of God

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