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Please pray for a way out of bad situation

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Please pray for a way out of bad situation

Postby Jimmie » Wed Nov 12, 2008 11:01 pm

Please pray for me I need a miracle prayer. I have been trapped for 20 years in a dead end job and in a part of the world where people are so hostile, crime is unreal and the list goes on.

All I have ever experienced was suffering and misery in all areas of my life. This situation has taken all my money, makes it impossible to save and nothing but liars and theves come into my path. I can't find any true friends or can any longer see a way out.

I am 50 years old but poseess many talents but can't seem to ever find a new opportunity that is real nor a way to move to a better part of the country. I have no money and it is impossible to save with the wages and cost of living here.

Tried PT businesses that will not take off. Met many people who promised me all kinds of opportunities only to find these people were liars and only want to take away the very little you have.

I am at the very end of my rope so I came to this prayer forum for help. I have given my life to Jesus Christ a long time ago and have so much good that I can and want to do for others if only my stress and anxiety would come to an end. And if only for once in my life I could find a way to make a comfortable living, live in a nice part of the world, work at a job that I love and be surrounded by real friends. And for once have a life of some happiness.

I also pray for my peace of mind as I feel at times I am on the threshold of a nervous breakdown.

Please pray for me for a miracle change to all the circumstances in my life.

Thank you in Jesus's Almighty Name
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Re: Please pray for a way out of bad situation

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Postby Junjie » Thu Nov 20, 2008 3:03 pm

Hi, Jimmie!

How much do you want change? Do you really, really want it? Do you want it enough to make yourself so uncomfortable as you build the life you say you want? icon_smile.gif

Because you can change it with just an hour a day, in two months. Take out your calendar, mark out two months from today, your life will change, and for the better. All you need to do is

1) Read the Book of Psalms aloud to yourself one hour a day for a month; AND

2) Read the Book of Proverbs aloud to yourself one hour a day for the next month.

Have to warn you though, that if you are used to having your life in the pits, any improvement will at first feel strange, uncomfortable and scary. And that's why many people would rather be miserable than take the necessary action to actually improve their lives with the help of God.

Hope that's not you, Jimmie!

Be blessed! icon_smile.gif
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