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Gold Star Listing Pastor

Sunman Community Church
Sunman, IN
Posted: October 10, 2017
Job Information:

Sunman Community Church ( SCC )
304 W. Vine St., Sunman, Indiana, 47041

Date Posted: October 8, 2017

Denomination: Non-denominational

Church Size: 25

1.Job Description:
a.SCC is looking for a full-time senior pastor to shepherd our small remnant of conservative, Bible-believers to not only help encourage and provide spiritual nourishment to the workers in God's house, but also reach the unsaved in the community, so that together we may grow and advance The Kingdom of God.

a.SCC was built in 1923, and has a seating capacity of 150. In the 1980s an education wing was added on with six classrooms / offices.
A five bedroom parsonage which was built adjacent to the church, was remodeled in 1990, and has been well-maintained. SCC is an independent / non-denominational church located in the heart of downtown Sunman, IN. (pop. 1034) Although Sunman is located in a small rural / agricultural community, being located on IN Hwy 101 and just 3 minutes to I-74, larger cities are just a short drive away. (Batesville IN, pop. 6541, with multiple fast food restaurants and a large Kroger's Supermarket is just 10 minutes away, Cincinnati is 45 minutes away, and Indianapolis is 1 hr 15 minutes away). Until the 1960s & 1970s, SCC was nearly filled to capacity and strongly supported multiple missions. Then, with multiple church splits, and with the added dying farming business, and more recently adversely affected by a severe recession, SCC has struggled to keep their doors open. We are seeking a full-time pastor to help us to grow our small congregation of conservative Bible-believers ( plus 6 youth ), and once again become a powerful witness for Christ in our community.

3.Essential Requirements:
a. Possesses a B.A. or greater theological degree from an accredited Bible / evangelical school or seminary.
b.Be in agreement with SCC conservative doctrinal statement.
c.Relocate to the area.
d.Have a heart for, and pray for, church members and unsaved community.
e.Plan, manage, and oversee the execution of the Sunday morning service, including delivering main sermon (and children's sermon when necessary ) Perform pastoral functions when necessary, such as baptisms, weddings, funerals, and baby dedications, etc.
f.Regularly visit the sick and shut-ins.
g.Attend & submit report at monthly church board meetings.
h.Represent SCC and participate in periodic locally-combined church services / events.
i.Be visible and involved in the community, as time allows, so as to reach the unsaved and grow the church.

4.Desired Duties: ( In addition to "Essential Requirements" )
a.Teach adult Sunday school and/or a weekly bible study, if possible.
b.Lead Worship Music ( no musical or vocal talent required ).
i.Currently we alternate every other Sunday between traditional / gospel songs from our hymnal with a piano, and contemporary music videos with lyrics on the projector screen. We would welcome any local music talent that could enhance our worship.

c.Act as youth minister:
i.Periodically involve youth in worship services
ii.Periodically participate in youth outings
iii.Assist the Education committee with VBS.
iv.Assist in a community youth program held on Wednesday evenings at 6 pm at our church.

d.Prepare the weekly service bulletins.

e.Lead an informal service/bible study for 1 hour each week at the local senior assisted living facility.

f.Provide some counseling periodically as requested, to the extent of capabilities and experience.

g.Be visible and involved in the community, as time allows, so as to reach the unsaved and grow the church.

5.Salary: Negotiable, based upon qualifications and experience level of the candidate. A 5-bedroom, 2010 sq ft single floor parsonage next to the church is available for housing.

How to apply: If interested in this position, please email resume to:
Position Information:
Position Title:Pastor
Time: Full Time
Category: Senior Pastor
Denomination: Non-Denominational
Worship Style: Traditional
Church Size: less than 100
Contact Information:
Organization Name:Sunman Community Church
Address1:304 W. Vine Street
State or Province:IN
ZIP Code:47041
Country: USA
Map this Organization: Map
Contact Email:Contact this Organization
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