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Title: Deeper
Category: Student
Artist: Delirious
Released: 2002

1: Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble
2: I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever
3: I've Found Jesus
4: Not Ashamed
5: Deeper
6: Lord You Have My Heart
7: Sanctify
8: Not Forgotten
9: Shout To The North
10: History Maker
11: Follow
12: All The Way
13: Kiss Your Feet
14: The Happy Song
15: Come, Like You Promise
16: Revival Town
17: Hands Of Kindness
18: Find Me In The River
19: Jesus' Blood
20: King Of Love
21: Message Of The Cross
22: Oh Lead Me
23: Obsession
24: Thank You For Saving Me
25: What A Friend I've Found

EXW Review:
So there's a certain intangible element at work here, something that filters through the music and the personae of Delirious--something vital, elusive, and larger-than-life. Something that stretches back to the days before they even had a name, when they were still working day jobs, before anyone could have dreamed they would be the spark to ignite a modern worship movement. Even then, there was still a sense of that unexplainable x-factor that seemed to transcend their own best efforts, consistently elevating the whole to something greater than the sum of the parts. In short, the music they were making and the shows they were performing were effecting people, themselves included, in a way that couldn't easily be explained.

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