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Title: Arise
Category: Praise and Worship
Artist: Various

Track Listing:
1. Open The Eyes Of My Heart (Paul Baloche)
2. Arise (Don Moen)
3. Thank You Lord (Don Moen)
4. Born To Worship (Lenny LeBlanc)
5. Blessed Be Your Name (Robin Mark)
6. I Am Free (Jared Anderson)
7. God Is Good All The Time (Don Moen)
8. I Will Sing (Don Moen)
9. God Will Make A Way (Don Moen)
10. Praise Adonai (Paul Baloche)
11. Offering/You Are My King (Paul Baloche)
12. We All Bow Down (Lenny LeBlanc)
13. Amazed/O Lord Youre Beautiful (Jared Anderson)
14. Revival (Robin Mark)
15. 16. Let The Praises Ring (Lincoln Brewster)
17. Love The Lord (Lincoln Brewster)
18. Another Hallelujah (Lincoln Brewster)
19. Everybody Praise The Lord (Lincoln Brewster)
20. Im Crazy (Lenny LeBlanc)
21. Beans & Rice (Lenny LeBlanc)
22. All The Earth Will Sing Your Praises (Paul Baloche)
23. Above All (Paul Baloche & Lenny Leblanc)
24. There Is None Like You (Lenny LeBlanc)
25. The Beauty Of The Lord (Jared Anderson)
26. Rescue/I Have Decided To Follow Jesus (Jared Anderson)
27. The Wonder Of The Cross (Robin Mark)
28. Jesus All For Jesus (Robin Mark) 29. Days of Elijah (Robin Mark)
30. When Its All Been Said And Done (Don Moen)

EXW Review:
On a warm spring night in St. Paul, Minnesota, six premiere worship leaders gathered on stage for a once-in-a-lifetime worship event. Don Moen, Jared Anderson, Lenny LeBlanc, Lincoln Brewster, Paul Baloche and Robin Mark led a multi-church Twin Cities choir and an audience of 8,000 in an evening of worship classics, both new and old. The resulting DOUBLE CD, Arise: A Celebration Of Worship, captures some of the most important and beloved worship moments from this incredible worship experience.

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